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1:1 Sessions

with Ana Liz

"I treasure working 1:1 with clients to deepen their personal embodiment, broaden their understanding of self, and cultivate intentionality in how they move through their daily lives. Seeing them uncover the truth underneath the protective layers and conditioning, and becoming aligned with their authenticity, is truly a gift." -Ana Liz


Avenues of Study

Expressive Arts: Embodied Movement, Intuitive Drawing, and Creative + Reflective Writing

Contemplative Practices: Somatic Meditation and Mindfulness

Rituals: Intention-driven ceremonies to help you transition, open, and close chapters in your life with clarity and potency



We currently offer two types of 1:1 sessions, which can be experienced in person or online:


Drop-in Experience

I will guide you into tuning in to what is present for you and let your body reveal what wants to be seen and explored. We will uncover some of the blocks and growth edges related to your movements and artwork and explore the symbolism, sensations, memories, and ideas that emerge through your physical, emotional, and mental + imaginal bodies.

This is for you if:

  • You are new to embodiment practices and want to try this out before committing to a 1:1 in-depth process

  • You are currently feeling emotionally and/or mentally weighted and would like to find release and space to flow

  • You’d like to prepare for an important event/occasion so that you can show up intentionally and confidently 

  • You have an embodiment practice but feel stunted and would like to try a different approach

  • You are going through a specific life situation that is bringing up difficult feelings of anxiety, insecurity, self-doubt, deep sadness, etc., and would like to address that

  • You are feeling dull and low energy and would like to experience a practice that awakens your senses and brings vibrancy to your bodymind


In-Depth Progression Process

What do you want to cultivate in your life and relationships with yourself and others? Where do you want to go from here? How would you like to feel moving forward? Through the In-Depth Progression Process, we look into where you are now and where you want to go and work together to understand and transform what is getting in the way. We'll take time to explore the layers of conditioning and narratives that shape your mental landscape and work through your bodymind and expression to bring about the changes and growth you seek.

This is for you if:

  • You are ready to explore the root causes of the symptoms you are experiencing (such as anxiety, low self-esteem, impostor syndrome, over-reliance on substances, things, or people, etc)

  • You want to self-explore in a way that feels gentle, fluid, tangible, and generative 

  • You are not satisfied with where you are in your life and would like to understand why and how to move forward in a way that feels connected and inspired

  • You feel unsafe and/or disconnected from yourself and/or your body and would like to cultivate more trust, intimacy, and belonging

  • You feel insecure or uncomfortable in your body and would like to feel more empowered and vibrant 

  • You have been in talk therapy and have realized that talking will only take you so far, and you are feeling the need to bring the work to an experiential level where you can feel and solidify the changes in your body

  • You would like to unleash your creativity and harness the power of your imagination and artistic expression

  • You feel exhausted by the demands of your relationships, society, and culture and would like to live in greater alignment with your authentic Self

Some of the benefits you may experience:

- Greater emotional freedom and psychological autonomy

- Gain more freedom of movement from the first session and over time

- More comfort and confidence in your body as you build a relationship of presence, trust, care, and support with it

- More calm and relaxation of whole bodymind and heart

- Feel more aligned with your authenticity and purpose

- Deeper intuition and connection to your inner wisdom

- Greater ability to understand your needs and place healthy boundaries

- Connection to your history, ancestors, and inner child

- Unleashed creativity and greater capacity to problem-solve

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Listen to your intuition.

More about our approach


When you give your body permission to express its organic movements and learn the language of your unconscious, you open up new levels of consciousness and possibilities.

As we experience stresses and traumas throughout our lives, our bodies develop physical patterns of posture and movement that may limit our ability to realize our potentials. Just like we have a language vocabulary, we have a movement vocabulary that communicates the truth of our experience, bringing forward information that we may not yet be able to access through thinking. When we enter our bodies with deep awareness, we can broaden this vocabulary and restore movement where it has been restricted in response to stress and trauma. This is essential in the process of healing and evolving.


By allowing our bodies to feel and express our emotions through movement, energy can be metabolized and released. The brain learns that it is safe to trust the body, creating space for release and healing. Through Embodied Movement and authentic artistic expression, we not only prevent our bodies from holding new stress, but we heal what has been held through the years.


Inviting conscious movement in areas of the body that have been historically restricted opens our ability to embody and express our authentic emotional and mental states, and integrate our experiences - past and present - creating new possibilities for the future.

Expanding our movement vocabulary teaches our brains that it is safe to explore what we don't yet know, preparing us to take risks with more confidence and trust. This retraining of the brain helps us regain a sense of safety in our bodies, essential when we wish to let go of defense mechanisms that have once protected us but currently limit our ability to live authentically and fully engaged.


How do Movement-Based Expressive Arts and Somatic Meditation work together?

Somatic Meditation: It helps us gain and broaden awareness of our bodies on the surface (5 senses), internally (interoception), and in relation to our surroundings (proprioception). Helps us understand how physical, emotional, and mental stimuli are felt in the body and inform each other. Somatic Meditation also teaches us to breathe better, regulate our nervous system, become less reactive to discomfort, and create more spaciousness, grounding, and balance within our bodyminds.

Expressive Arts: We work primarily with Embodied Movement, intuitive drawing, creative writing and journaling. Visual arts helps us externalize our inner experience that we might have trouble contacting or speaking of. It bridges the unconscious and conscious minds. With a piece of art, we create a healthy distance from our emotional and psychological material and can explore it through movement, writing, and speech. Writing helps us organize our experiences verbally (bringing it to the intellect) and reflect on their meaning so we can understand insights and apply them to our daily lives, creating possibility for positive change and growth.

Embodied Movement evokes feelings, emotions, memories, and images. When we move with awareness, our bodies begin to open up and make available the information they hold. Through embodied movement, we safely feel and express physical sensations, emotional, and mental states in the present moment, and can explore meaning and messages contained in our visual artwork in an experiential way, rather than interpreting. Emotions are energy in motion. Through embodied movement, we give shape to the different qualities of energy within, and empower ourselves to take risks, experiment, and create possibilities for transformation and growth in our lives.


*This process is not linear. Somatic awareness, movement, drawing, and writing are woven together as needed to create the best conditions for your explorations. 


I’ve struggled all my life with been disconnected from my body and having negative body image. This is the most important work I can do. I am already noticing positive changes in my daily life. Ana Liz is gentle while challenging me to go deeper. She has incredible intuition and always seems to know exactly what I need and what I am trying to express even when I feel I am not being clear. She makes me feel seen, heard, respected, and valued. Her knowledge is clear and her belief in the power of this work comes through. Her passion is one of the things that makes it so amazing to work with her. I am grateful for Ana Liz’s wisdom and support on this journey to become whole again.


-Danielle M.

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