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Ana Liz Ceregatti

Integrative Embodiment Practitioner & Educator
Multidisciplinary Artist

Born and raised in Brazil, Ana Liz has lived in Los Angeles since 2016. She has been on a decade-long journey of exploring the body-mind connection and how we heal and become our most authentic and empowered self. Since a young age, she's been exploring different forms of expression such as visual arts, experimental theater, dance, and Yoga. Her personal practice of self-portraiture has been instrumental in her own healing, and is a significant part of the work she does with clients through the expressive arts.

Ana's growing fascination with the healing power of movement, artistic expression, and mindfulness, ultimately led her to delve into the studies and practice of Body Psychotherapy through Somatics and Movement-Based Expressive Arts Therapy. As a certified Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher and graduate of the Tamalpa Institute's Halprin Life/Art Process®, Ana has extensive training in movement-based expressive arts and somatic meditation, as well as visual arts and theater.

Ana's work with clients is rooted in her personal journey of healing and self-discovery. Her experiences of acute and chronic trauma during her formative years set her on a path of exploration that has included Buddhist and secular meditation and phylosophy, energy healing, movement as medicine, and other modalities.

In the Movement-Based Expressive Arts Therapy, Ana found a framework that supports healing and transformation organically and gently, and became passionate about sharing the work with others in their journey towards self-knowing, self-embracing, and self-embodying.

Ana works with clients privately, and teaches group classes and workshops regularly. 


Whether you're struggling with specific challenges, feeling stuck, or simply seeking to deepen your connection to your own body and intuitive wisdom, Ana is here to guide and support you every step of the way.


With her deep compassion, boundless creativity, and embodied listening, she invites you to step into a world of transformative healing and self-discovery, and discover the power of embodiment to help you inhabit the full expression of your Self.


Acknowledging my teachers

I am grateful for the wisdom of the ones who came before me, and that directly or indirectly helped/continue to help shape the healer, facilitator, educator, and artist that I am.

Daria Halprin, Rosario Sammartino, Natan Daskal, Dohee Lee, Ken Otter, Silvina Hurtado, Paul Cabanis, Manuela Xavier, Jennifer Howd, Michael Zittel, Rick Lepore, Brian Shiers, Maria Lopez Cirio, Michelle Young, Michael Meade, and many other generous creatures that have shared their wisdom with me, thank you.


~ Sara Liz Lovett, MA, PhD Candidate ~ Author, Performer, and Teacher


“Ana Liz has a beautiful immersive quality, both in her movement practice and in her art making process. Such open vulnerability encourages both those who witness her, and those who work with her, not only to brave the shadow side of themselves, but to embrace the heights of joy, beauty, self-love, and acceptance."

Training + Credentials

- Somatic Movement-Based Expressive Arts Therapy and Education - Life/Art Process®

Tamalpa Institute - Level 1 Certification. Currently enrolled in Level 2.

- Pranayama Breath Work Certification - Michelle Young, C-IAYT Yoga Therapist

Currently enrolled.

- Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher (IMMA/CPD)


- Feminism & Psychoanalysis - Manuela Xavier, PhD

- Buddhist Psychology - InsightLA

- Calm Abiding - InsightLA

- Awakening Breath - InsightLA

- Wisdom & Insight - InsightLA

- The Craving Mind - InsightLA

- Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression - InsightLA

- Cultivating Positive Emotions - UCLA MAPS II

- Experimental Theater - Grupo de Teatro Olho Negro (BR)

~ BFA Fashion Design & Illustration, Faculdade Santa Marcelina, Sao Paulo, BR.

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