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Ana Liz Ceregatti

Somatic Therapist through Meditation & Mindfulness (IMMA / CPD), Embodiment Mentor, and Multidisciplinary Artist

Ana has worked as an artist, performer, and educator for 15 years. She's studied healing practices such as Expressive Movement/Dance, Experimental Theater, therapeutic self-portraiture, Vipassana Meditation, secular Mindfulness, Yoga, Buddhist Psychology, and Carl G. Jung's Active Imagination. She is currently training in Movement-based Expressive Arts Therapy.


The curative and transformative powers of embodiment and artistic expression are the moving forces of Ana's work and personal explorations. She has experienced it firsthand in her process of overcoming trauma. She first fell in love with portrait photography in 2015, after being photographed professionally for the first time.  What started as curiosity and play became a watershed in her healing journey. The therapeutic effects of having her intimate processes with her body witnessed and captured as art blew her away. It shone a light into shadow aspects of her personality and relationship with her image, raising questions and desires that needed investigating. She has explored expression through portraiture ever since - alone and in collaboration with other artists - and remains amazed by the process. Ana is driven by the desire to help people inhabit their bodies fully to live with authenticity, creativity, pleasure, and purpose.

Simone Dib

Photographer, Journalist & Magnified Healing Practitioner

Simone is a Brazilian photographer based in Santa Monica, CA. She discovered her passion for photography in 2010 while working at a newspaper and was bewildered by the power of portraiture when she took a nude women’s portrait workshop. This experience brought her a sense of profound love and compassion and inspired her to begin a project entitled NUMEUCORPO. She photographed over 50 women in their rawest, most natural states - bared of clothing and judgments. In the process, she heard their stories, learned about their traumas and insecurities, and took a close look into their relationships with their bodies - which often mirrored each other’s and her own. 

Living in Los Angeles since 2017, she continues to capture the essence of individuals and couples in her photos. In her path of self-healing and growth, she began to seek spiritual practices and became a Magnified Healing Practitioner, which gave her a new understanding of her craft.
Simone believes art can heal us and is driven by the desire to help people reconnect with their inner beauty through art to remember who they are.


Photos: Simone Dib