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Self-Portrait Explorations
Drawing & Photography

When I first started drawing and photographing myself, I wasn't aware of the deep longing to be witnessed in my truth. I felt called to bring my deepest feelings, sensations, dreams, doubts, and fears to the paper, without really knowing that that's what I was doing. When I was in front of the camera, I noticed that my body would take over - I had things to express, and they were not coming from my intellect. As I continued practicing, I noticed that something was compelling in seeing myself from the outside. By externalizing my inner experience as art, I recognized hidden parts of myself and created opportunity to talk to these parts. Slowly, through exploring my body's expression and ideas of myself, I began to realize the profoundly therapeutic qualities of this practice. It has and continues to help me expand my understanding of how my lived experiences are somatized. It offers me a map to my Self, a way of entering my own depths and exploring my complexities creatively and gently, and it allows me to create beauty from even the dark and painful parts of me.