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Body Alive

Thu, Feb 29th . In-person in Santa Monica, CA

If your body could talk to you, what would it say about this moment in your life and the path ahead?

Your body is expressive and wise, reflecting both your inner and outer life. It not only reveals what needs attention and care, but also signifies the resources available to aid you on your journey.

In our upcoming workshop, we'll listen deeply to the wisdom that inhabits our bodies, a treasure often overlooked as we navigate emotional challenges, busy schedules, and strive to achieve all that is expected of us.

Through movement, metaphors, and creativity, you will be guided to forge a direct line of communication with the profound wisdom within, connecting and dialoguing with the latent feelings, sensations, movements, and images that are ready to surface and offer valuable insights.

This practice is an invitation to resignify your relationship with your body, moving from disconnection, performance, and tension into greater attunement, freedom, and expansion.

Open to all women+femmes. No art or dance experience needed.

Thursday, Feb 29th

at IntoMeSea in Santa Monica

6:15 to 8:45 pm PST

- Bring a notebook and pen.

- Drawing paper and craypas will be provided.

- Dress comfortably and bring a water bottle.

Every body is wise. Your body belongs.


Facilitated by Ana Liz Ceregatti, RSMT/E

Ana Liz Ceregatti is a Somatic Movement Therapist/Educator and Expressive Arts Educator of the Latina diaspora, with a passion for empowering women + femmes and the feminine in a patriarchal culture driven by oppressive traditional gender norms, greed, and competition.

She offers a generative, body-based, and process-oriented approach that allows clients to explore inner and outer life from rigidity to movement, through embodied creativity, within the context of a compassionate and attuned relationship.

In her work with individuals and groups, she welcomes diversity and thoughtfully considers each person's mind and body, personal history, identity, origins, and culture to foster connection and understanding within the context of unique perspectives and needs.

Ana works with private clients in Los Angeles and via Zoom, and offers women's workshops and classes regularly.

Image by Mathias Reding

“Movement, to be experienced, has to be “found” in the body, not put on like a dress or a coat. There is that in us which has moved from the very beginning. It is that which can liberate us.”
-Mary Whitehouse

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