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“I’ve struggled all my life with been disconnected from my body and having negative body image. This is the most important work I can do. Ana Liz is gentle with her words and actions, while challenging me to go deeper. She has incredible intuition and always seems to know exactly what I need and what I am trying to express even when I feel I am not being clear. She makes me feel seen, heard, respected, and valued. Her knowledge is clear and her belief in the power of this work comes through. Her passion is one of the things that makes it so amazing to work with her. I am grateful for Ana Liz’s wisdom and support on this journey to become whole again.


I am already noticing positive changes in my daily life. I have gained awareness of subtleties in my body and better alignment. I am learning to access and identify how I am feeling physically, emotionally, and mentally, giving me a better understanding of myself and how multiple feelings exist within me at once. I am learning how to ground myself through this awareness, trust what comes up, and to appreciate even the smallest movements as meaningful - every position, movement, breath, clench, sound, tells a story, and I am learning to listen.”


-Danielle M.


"It wildly exceeded my expectations! The evening of the workshop I was tired and looking for excuses not to go, but I am so happy I did. This work is a salvation. It helped me revisit issues that I tend to avoid. I have a hard time looking at my image, and Ana's invitation to draw myself challenged me to be with my face - something I had resisted in the past. What came through was a face that felt delicate, with a lightness that I have trouble recognizing in myself and that was important for me to see. To be in a trusting and judgment-free environment and touch on such profound subjects was very beautiful. To explore one's self with freedom and no fear of the ugly is, in fact, very beautiful.

I am exploring my relationship to freedom and understanding that it really is about how I feel in my body and with myself. I felt free of judgment and surprisingly comfortable in a group of women that I didn't know. It was an incredibly potent space, where each of us surrendered to the extent we could and took away what we needed from the work."


-Barbara A.



"The entire experience is something that has to be felt and hard to describe. I am jolted into my body in a way that is safe and gentle. I feel a variety of emotions as my mind quiets and my true self steps forward. When I am present with my body, I feel a deep sadness for all the years I haven't spent with it, but I also feel trust and acceptance.

I grew up in a culture that expects convenience not connection from children. I remember restricting my movements not to be corrected with judgment and shame. I learned that my body was meant for criticism, not love. This has shaped every decision, situations and outcomes in my life. In my healing journey, I found that the hardest yet most significant step is to show up for my body with love - to love this body that has protected me from not only judgment and shame of others, but from self-hatred too.

The most unexpected outcome from these sessions has been the absolute joy and euphoria I feel in the moment. It's as if my soul and body are dancing together and recognizing why they chose each other for this incredible human experience."


-Shivi Z.


"It was liberating and helped me find answers within me about how I am approaching situations in my life and how that makes me feel. Also, it was fun and I felt a sense of community that is not easily achieved in just one session. I've been holding Ana's invitation to take up space and listening more to what my body needs."

-Isabel S.



“It really helped me release a lot of pent up emotions in my body and stay in the present moment for not just the session but for days after. I most appreciated how safe it felt for everyone to take what they needed from the practice and be as immersed in it as they wanted to be. It made me want to take up more space in my daily life."


-Nikki P.



"After the session I came to some deep realizations. Being with the group of women and moving together felt powerful and magical. I appreciated listening to everyone's experiences and how I was able to let go of self-consciousness and be present with my body, mind, and feelings."


-Christine S.



"I came to Ana Liz to see if her class might help my feelings of anxiety and panic. I have been a dancer for over 20 years and I have to say, her class was one of the best I have ever taken. Ana has a special way of creating an environment that cultivates so much safety and support. While gently guiding me through each moment, she held space for my most powerful self to open and expand. I highly recommend her class to everyone and anyone, we could all use a little more connection to ourselves and each other."

-Chanel M.



"Ana Liz is such a wonderful facilitator of embodiment. She has this real gift of gently guiding you into connecting with yourself in a way that is not distracting and doesn't feel pushy, but just allows you to connect to your own intuition, which is what I look for. She creates these environments that feel so comfortable, safe, and loving, and I am so grateful for these spaces where she brings her love and wisdom in a way that is so tangible. It's a gift for everybody."

-Danielle J.



"Ana Liz is truly an amazing teacher and guide. I am new to meditating, and decided to try her class. She took me on a magical journey to help me calm my anxiety about upcoming changes in my life. She gave me real-world tools that I took away and utilize in my daily life. Ana Liz's calm nature and open heart make her classes inclusive and healing. I couldn't recommend her more!"

-Stephanie V.



"Ana Liz's ability to hold space for others is incredible. You can tell she really cares about her clients and her craft and is truly a natural. She makes me feel safe, comfortable, and listened to. I was feeling overwhelmed and out of alignment for a couple of weeks, but I left the session with her feeling blissful, calm and rejuvenated. I woke up the next morning and the blissful energy was still present and I was able to carry it with me throughout the day! I've experienced many guided meditations and rituals, but hers are something I've never experienced before. She has the ability to awaken other parts of me."

-Ciara R.



"Meditation practice through Embodied Creatures has been instrumental in incorporating overall wellness into my week. This has been so important especially during recent events. Amidst today's hectic and busy pace, Ana Liz guides and inspires me so I can unplug, decompress, and center myself. I am amazed at her ability to allow for self-expression within even a virtual space! So grateful to have found Ana Liz!"

-Marla M.



"Along with my journey to become more aware and accepting of myself, Embodied Creatures' work has time and time again been at the center of so many of my personal discoveries. Even when I am caught in internal struggle, staring down my fear of 'doing it wrong', Ana Liz's words and guidance have this beautiful way of breaking through. Or, more like seeping in. Because it comes in the most gentle ways, nudging me toward my lessons and my truths like gentle rolling quakes rocking me awake as they make themselves known, alerting me of the shifts to come."

-Alyssa J.

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