Sunday Communal Meditation & Connection Space

Each Sunday a unique practice, focusing on engaging the physical, emotional, and mental experiences via a combination of meditation techniques, imagery invocation, breathing exercises, gentle movement, poetry, and reflections on the human condition.​

Small, intimate, and supportive group.

All are welcome.

Every Sunday

10:45 am to 12 pm PT.



The living agenda for the gatherings:

30-minute guided meditation


All you need is a chair or cushion.


Sharing circle


After the meditation, we go around the circle, and everyone has the chance to share a bit about their experiences with the practice and life overall. You are welcome to share as much or as little as you wish. Respect, discretion, and a non-judgmental attitude are appreciated. What we share in the gathering stays in the gathering, but we can take what we learn from one another into our lives. Once everybody has spoken, the space is open for further conversation.


Not comfortable with sharing? That's okay; you can pass and use the opportunity to listen mindfully.


Sliding scale suggested contribution.

Choose according to your possibilities:


- Abundance: $20

- Regular: $13

- Hardship: $8 or less


You can make your contribution directly to Ana Liz via Venmo, Apple Pay, or Zelle. Information will be provided during the session.

Unable to contribute? You are welcome to join us. Nobody is turned away.


Holding this space requires time, energy, work, and financial resources.

When you contribute with any amount, you support my work and help me continue to bring you new tools for cultivating a deeper and more connected relationship with yourself and others. In this space, not only do we cultivate awareness and embodied experience, but we also come together to see and be seen, to listen and speak from our hearts. If this is important to you and you have the ability, please consider financially contributing. When you give, you allow me to give back and to keep this community moving forward.

Your support makes all the difference!


Larry Urish

Meditating with Ana Liz is always relaxing, empowering, and energizing. She provides a nice break from the daily insanity of life. Whether done in-person or remotely through digital means, every group session is time well spent. She clearly puts a lot of thought and soulful insight into her meditation gatherings, and she excels at facilitating the give-and-take feedback time that follows each sit. Folks like her should be cloned!


Diana Sithiyopasakul

I've enjoyed participating in Ana Liz's meditation sessions very much and grateful for her friendship and insight. Her messages and our following discussions always seem to resonate. It has helped me connect to and reflect on my mind, body, and spirit. Often, I am brought back into a place where I'm reminded to practice self-love, gratitude, and self-acceptance. I personally struggle with setting boundaries for myself and when dealing with others, and these sessions have encouraged me to just be. Be in the moment, be honest with how I truly feel and what I want, and just be ME - whatever that means at that very moment with no shame.


Amelia Jones

Ana Liz runs our mindfulness group with compassion and a sense of groundedness. Thoughtful and warm, she leads us through being quiet together, always helping us end up at a different place from where we started. Starting with a poem or quote, she encourages us to think beyond what is occupying our minds so as to anchor where we are, with her, in the room (or on zoom!) together. Itʼs a meaningful experience.


Matt Power

Ana Liz's light-hearted and insightful approach to instructed mindfulness is both calming and enjoyable. As I am new to group-guided meditations I was a little apprehensive about all the new faces, but Ana Liz quickly put those concerns to ease. Her welcoming nature created an open and engaging group dynamic that I felt comfortable and grateful to be contributing to.


Kimberly Addy

I love that each weekly session of meditation and discussion has the same structure, as it allows participants to feel at ease with the experience while removing any anxiety of what might be coming next. Ana Liz provides a wise, calming and steady presence for all participants. She prepares each session with fresh material; for me, it creates a sense of curiosity and open anticipation of how the session will unfold. It is a pleasure to attend every time! Regardless of the number of participants or our various moods, Ana holds the space with care, consistency, loving humor, and graciousness. Sessions are inclusive of every participant, with no pressure to participate. No matter how I am feeling at the beginning, when itʼs over, I am always left with a sense of connection to others and of belonging to this beautiful and wondrous shared planet.