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Come home to your power

Become an expert on your body, emotions, and psychological life.

No one knows better about yourself than you. Yet, we all have blind spots. I guide you to access your wisdom through your body and expression, to recover the parts that got lost along the way and reshape patterns that keep you from feeling truly empowered and whole. By integrating your physical body, psycho-emotional processes, and creativity, you will gain direct access to your potency and potential, and gather the tools you need to live a fulfilling and exciting life.


- Feeling stuck or a lack of clarity, fulfillment, or purpose
- Negative body/self-image
- Unhealthy dynamics / boundaries or social anxiety
- A lack of autonomy, direction, or confidence
- Disconnection from your body and inner wisdom
- Feeling anxious, depressed, or spiritually disconnected
- A sense that something is missing or that you need fixing
- A sense of effort/rigidity in your creative process
- A lack of vibrancy, energy, or inspiration in your daily life
- Intellectually understanding your tendencies and patterns but feeling like you hit a door in your healing and growth

Here's how I can support you

Let's re-member your body and restore your glow!



Reconnect with your body's incredible capacity to heal, unlock your inner wisdom, and let your true potency and potential be revealed. Reshape past limitations into fuel to soar.


Through the Creative Process

You don't have to do this alone. In a community of like-hearted women, we gather to deepen our roots, alchemize our pain through movement & art, and traverse the darkness to bring forth our innermost light.


Let your creative process become a means of healing and transformation, in a deep, yet accessible and fun way!
Weekly classes and regular workshops.

An integrative approach rooted in somatics, embodied movement, expressive arts, and meditation & mindfulness to promote healing, personal empowerment, conscious spirituality, and social change.

I am many that I know, and many that I am yet to meet.

Here, you are welcome whole.

Hey lovely, I'm Ana Liz.

I spent years feeling like something was off and thinking that this was just how things were for everybody. I grew up simultaneously believing that I had to perform at high levels and that my capacity was limited. There was a persistent sense of disconnection between myself and those around me. I could feel my creative flame, but as I learned to restrict my expression, rather than empowering me, this fire would burst out in toxic ways. Grasping for a sense of autonomy and direction, I developed a need for control and a "lone wolf" mentality. I felt isolated in rooms full of people, and there was a deep sadness in my heart that I didn't know how to care for. I had already been in a spiritual and healing journey for years when I went into a trauma-bonded marriage that took me down into the darkest parts of myself, helping me realize that I needed to take my power back - and that for that, I needed to face my pain. In this process, I encountered amazing teachers and therapists who helped me turn my life around. I braved my shadows, processed traumas, and integrated parts of me I had learned to unconsciously reject. I gained clarity about my history and Self, understood my purpose, built confidence, and recognized my immense courage and resilience. I reclaimed my body and wholeness at my core, grew deep roots, and from there, I began to soar. Now, my mission and joy is to support others to find their radical liberation too. 

My commitment is...

To guide you to reclaim your body and innermost power, unleash your fierce creativity, gain emotional mastery, and rest in the wholeness of your true Self.

"1:1 work with Ana Liz helped me to get down into my body and, through this, gain clarity about the internal conflict I was experiencing. I really enjoy her use of different forms of expression that complement each other. Ana’s presence and softness make the environment safe and pleasant to be in, and her sensitivity and assertiveness make me feel seen and help me to dive deeper. I highly recommend her work!”

- Maria L.


Client Love



Ready to listen to your body and come home to your Self?

We honor your individual experience while understanding the impact of oppressive systems such as capitalism, patriarchy, and white supremacy on our sense of self and our relationships.


Our approach empowers you to fully occupy your body and being, and thrive in environments that often seek to diminish our sense of self and connection.

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