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Embodying the Dark Feminine

Delve into the mysteries of the wild, wise, and fierce woman within you, in this Somatic-Expressive Workshop for women's empowerment.


When: November 30th, Thursday, 6:15 to 8:45 pm

Where: IntoMeSea, Santa Monica, CA

What to bring: Dress comfortably and bring a water bottle, notebook, and pen. Drawing paper and oil pastels will be provided.

Women are being called to re-connect to our bodies and the mysteries of the Dark Feminine.

Why now?

Our ideas of feminine power have been skewed by the misconception that success is achieved through the embodiment of traditionally masculine traits, such as urgency, rigidity, linear thinking, order, an unwavering focus on tangible outcomes, and a dismissal of the knowledge held within the body.

Seeking to move away from the notion that femininity is about passivity and self-sacrifice, women have been driven to adopt archetypal masculine traits as a means of empowerment.

We've grown disconnected from our bodies and nature, and distrusting of our intuition, rhythms, and instincts.

We are realizing that no matter how much we achieve, produce, and consume, we still feel a sense of lack. We struggle to celebrate our achievements, or even how to rest without guilt.

We feel called to come back to ourselves and each other.

The Dark Feminine is the home of our unadulterated nature and embodied wisdom.

It's where we can reconnect with the aspects of ourselves that we've rejected or concealed in order to conform to roles and expectations put upon us since birth.

These rejected aspects of ourselves stay alive deep within us, and as long as we don't reclaim them, we unintentionally diminish and block our creative, vibrant, and potent energy, leading to a disconnection from the full extent of our power as women.

In my experience, both personally and guiding other women, I've found that reconnecting with the Dark Feminine is the greatest medicine for much of what ails us (feelings of lack, aloneness, exhaustion, confusion, debilitating self-doubt, despair...)

Within each woman there's a wild, wise, and fierce dark goddess. She is a healer, trusted guide, empowered in her skin.

By embracing her, we unearth our inherent wisdom, intuition, sensuality, creativity, and power.

Do you feel her calling?


Join me for "Embodying the Dark Feminine" to explore your true feminine resources and find your way towards inner knowledge, emotional depth, spiritual connection, and authentic expression.

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Ana Liz Ceregatti is a Somatic Movement Therapist/Educator and Expressive Arts Educator, specializing in women's issues. She assists individuals, regardless of gender, in reconnecting with the wisdom held within their bodies to restore and sustain emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Her somatic-expressive and process-oriented approach meets you where you are, and takes you on a deep journey through the art of embodiment.

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