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Integrated Self

Explore the deep connection between body, mind, emotions, creativity, and your life experiences to embody the wisdom within.

A 4 week embodiment class series to deepen intimacy with your whole body, focusing on one level at a time to better understand the inner web of your body and find a more integrated sense of self.


Wednesdays in June / 7, 14, 21, 28 // 6-8 PM PST

About the series

I think therefore I am, right? Wrong.

As embodied creatures, our very existence is defined by our experience within our bodies. Yes, we think. But not only is the brain part of the body, we also sense, feel, intuit, express, create, and relate with ourselves, others, and the world around us, all through our bodies.

In this series, you will uncover and explore the deep and ever present relationship between physical, emotional, and mental levels of your body, and understand its connection to creativity and how you experience life.


Using Somatic-Artistic Integrative Embodiment tools like movement, meditation & visualization, intuitive drawing, and writing to feel the spaces and build bridges between the physical, emotional, intellectual, and imaginal realms and access your most authentic material.

This is for all...

*wanting to deepen understanding and appreciation of their whole Self,

feel more connected to intuition and inner wisdom,

increase emotional intelligence,

feel more grounded and confident in their body, and free in their expression.

For all    who are tired of trying to fix themselves.

For all    who are tired of overthinking everything.

Suited for everyBODY.

We welcome all levels of experience with embodiment and artistic practices.

All activities are designed to meet you exactly where you are, as you are.

You will gain

a deeper understanding and appreciation of the works of your physical body, mind, and emotions.

a deeper connection to your intuition and inner wisdom.

a more fluid and fun relationship to your creative expression.

a greater awareness of your conditioned limitations and tools to help you transform them beyond the classes.

continued practice exercises to do at home, at your own time.

connection to a like-hearted community of people who are ready to go deep and embody their core Self.

optional access to a private group where you can share resources and support each other's process.

About your guide


Hey lovely! I am Ana Liz, a Brazilian based in Los Angeles carrying the heat, artistry, and humor of my ancestors in my very bones. I've been teaching personal narrative through self-portraiture for over 10 years, and guiding clients through embodiment journeys since 2018. In this series, I draw from my experience working with people of various cultural and social backgrounds and my training as a Meditation & Mindfulness teacher and in Somatic Movement Expressive Arts Therapy, to offer you new ways into your inner wisdom through your body that will blow your mind! I am deeply passionate about sharing this work, which has transformed my life, and I can't wait for you to find that re-membering and embracing your body in its wholeness is the key to know, reclaim, and embody your power!

Program overview

Class 1 // June 7 // Physical

- Opening ritual

- Communication model

- Body Journeying & Body Mapping

- Awakening vitality and revealing messages from the physical body

Class 2 // June 14 // Emotional

- Emotional Body Mapping

- Exploring embodied ways to experience, process, and shift emotional feelings

- Revealing messages from the emotional body

Class 3 // June 21 // Mental

- Identifying & exploring conditioned limitations

- Exploring self-perception and self-image

Class 4 // June 28 // Integrated Self

- Dropping from the intellect into intuitive + embodied wisdom

- Experiencing physical, emotional, and mental bodies as Integrated Self

- Drafting next steps toward living a more embodied and whole experience of Self

- Closing ritual / Celebrating embodied knowing

*Program details are subject to change


A sliding scale of $130-$230

The actual cost of this series is $180. If you are able to pay at cost, please do so. If you have access to more financial resources and can pay more, please do so, as this allows me to accept participants who need to pay less. Thank you!

Please choose your investment according to your current financial possibilities.


Cost is for all 4 classes // Each class will be 2 hours long.

Payment plans are available upon emailed request.


I am offering one tuition-free spot for this series, with the possibility of adding more scholarship spots depending on support.

If you'd like to gift someone in financial hardship with a scholarship spot, please email

If you'd like to apply for a scholarship spot, please email

Complete your registration via EventBrite, using the link below,

or contact Ana Liz directly to pay via Zelle, Venmo, or Paypal.

*registration will close the Sunday before the first class, on 6/4 at 11:59 pm PST.

Integrated Self is a new class series.

See what clients have experienced through previous Embodied Creatures workshops:

“Ana is such a wonderful embodiment practitioner and guide. She has a real gift of gently guiding me into self-connection in a way that doesn't feel pushy and allows me to connect to my intuition. Through her workshops, she creates spaces that feel comfortable, safe, and loving. It's a gift for everybody."

— Danielle Meisler, Los Angeles

“The Deep Sensual Embodiment workshop wildly exceeded my expectations! This work is a salvation. It helped me revisit issues I tend to avoid, and explore my self image in a way that was important for me. To be in a judgment-free space while touching on such deep subjects was beautiful. To explore myself with freedom and no fear of the ugly was very beautiful. I am learning that freedom is about how I feel in my body and with myself. It was an incredibly potent space."

— Barbara Alves, Los Angeles

"The Embodying the Dark Goddess workshop created a pathway for me to explore and integrate aspects of myself that I would otherwise not get to meet/know. I was gently and expertly introduced to the dark goddess within and guided to explore, interact, learn from, and dance with her. What made this experience even more powerful was the collective energy and presence of sisterhood. It helped me unlock wisdom, discover parts of myself, and build sacred trust within me."

- Helen Simonyan, Los Angeles

"Ana's workshop exceeded my expectations! It was empowering seeing such a diverse group come together and unite their dark and light attributes. Truly transformational! It was so fun getting to move, release, draw, write and just be my full expression without any judgement. It was beautiful to honor the good, the bad, and the ugly all together. I am recommending this to everyone!"

- Sofie Katz, Los Angeles

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