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Art is a catalyst for healing

...and so is JOY. Check out the video.

Through art, we listen to and nurture the wounded parts of ourselves, transforming pain into medicine.

Embodied Leadership Ritual Performance / Tamalpa Institute, 2023

Art has been with me my entire life. It's held me as I navigated challenges and changes, giving me ways to express what I didn't know how to speak.

Self-Portrait Process 2.png

I grew up drawing, writing poems and stories, making little paper dolls that kept me company, singing alone at home, and dancing whenever I got the chance.

Because I wasn't technically trained as a dancer, I  didn't think of myself as one. But wow, did it feel good to move!


I've always been fascinated by bodies. They've been my favorite thing to draw, and I had a particular interest in anatomy and eyes. I wanted to see. The paper gave me space to imagine and create what I wanted to see, while also reflecting my eyes back to me.

I discovered early that I could express myself through my image and style, which led me to get a Bachelors in Fashion Design and Illustration at the age of 21.

Fashion school, although enriching in many ways, disconnected me from my art. It made me think that there was a right and wrong way of drawing and creating. I was skilled at mimicking "good", but the pleasure and authenticity got lost.

Experimental theater took me inside of my body through my body, where I became more aware of the layers and multitudes within me. Being on stage brought me a sense of presence I had never felt before. But the process, the experimentation and play, is what initiated the transformation in the way I saw myself and the world.

Photos: Moskow, 2015

A few years later, by chance, I discovered a beautiful medicine in being in front of a camera. Seeing myself as art through someone else's eyes allowed me to look at parts of my body that I had deemed ugly, and to spend time with parts of me I had learned to think of as bad. It lit a fire in me to go back to my drawing practice, this time focusing on self-portraits - this was transformative.


In my late 20s, through Movement-Based Expressive Arts therapy, I reclaimed my art-making process. The invitation to use art to bring forth my inner world and explore symbol and meaning, gave me back a deep appreciation for my craft and my process.


At that same time, I had discovered the magic of embodied movement. Dance became my ally in processing emotions, shifting energy states, connecting with my personal rhythms, and cultivating deep self-acceptance and self-celebration - I understood I had always been a dancer and grew closer to the artist within.

Now, I am honored and thrilled to share this multidisciplinary and process-oriented approach to art with my clients. To witness people reclaim their power of expression and awaken their inner artist brings me a type of joy hard to put in words.

I hope that in sharing my art - which is not technically "perfect", but is true to myself and filled with symbolic meaning - I will inspire you to explore your own! Let's do it together?

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