My Body is Home

Therapeutic Photo Rituais via Embodiment & Photography

Remember who you are underneath the layers. Connect with your wildness and unmatchable beauty. Take home portraits to come back to whenever you need a reminder of your power and belonging.

Ana Liz Simone

Brazilian-born and Los Angeles-based Ana Liz and Simone came together with a shared desire: to help people remember their beauty. They did not want to simply produce beautiful images but to offer a space where people of all ages, colors, genders, sizes, orientations, and abilities could connect with their bodies from the inside out, feel their depth of sensations, emotions, intellect, and spirit, celebrate their natural beauty and recover a sense of wholeness, belonging, and confidence through the sacredness of their bodies. 


That’s why My Body Is Home was born - to offer a powerful and creative therapeutic process that combines somatic work and portrait photography, facilitating connection and self-love and supporting life transitions. 

Beauty and confidence are not about appearance. They are about inhabiting your body and Soul.

"We want you to know you are whole, worthy, and stunningly beautiful in your wildest states. We offer a space for you to FEEL and BE. Safe, empowered in your body, deserving of OCCUPYING SPACE, and whatever else you bring in. Reconnect with your body and authenticity through somatic work and photography. We guide you home, to dive deep into yourself, to see and show you the beautiful, moving, and potent ART that YOU ARE."

EveryBODY deserves to feel home in their bodies. We welcome all genders, races, sizes, ages, orientations, and abilities. You can do this alone to celebrate yourself and this moment in your life, or use it as a way to capture meaningful connections between you and a loved one. The ritual can help you embrace the changing seasons and milestones of your life and offers a safe container in which to explore all parts of yourself and what it means to be sensual, wild, and unapologetically you.

All people are beautiful exactly as they are. Ana Liz and Simone want to inspire, witness, and capture essence-full experiences expressed through the bodies that house them. For that reason, all photos produced via MY BODY IS HOME are only edited for coloring, with no body manipulation of the people they portray.


"With their guidance, I was able to tap into my body and spirit. I felt so heard and seen throughout the process. I connected to my sensuality, my power, and my wildness, and left feeling grounded and full of confidence in my own Self. I feel like I've learned new tools to support me in my journey, and I hope many women have the chance to experience such a healing and powerful ritual!"
-Nikeya, Los Angeles

The Process

Step One - Consultation with Ana Liz (up to 30 min) + Scheduling

You'll learn how the process works and share what calls you to the ritual. We'll chat about your relationship with your body, current life circumstances, and the themes you are working with. This serves as an entryway into your experience so we can get to know you on a deeper level and understand what you are looking for. It's an opportunity to see if it's a good fit. If you decide to book us, we'll direct you to scheduling, and this consultation will be free. If you choose not to move forward, a fee of $40 will be charged for this time. 

Once you've decided to book your ritual, we'll ask for a 25% payment upfront.

Step Two - Creative Team Meeting (up to 20 min)

Ana and Simone will jump on a Zoom call with you to chat about location, concepts, clothes, and other details. 

Step Three - Day of Ritual (1h45)

Ana and Simone will arrive 20 minutes before the scheduled time to set up for at-home sessions. For outdoor sessions - that are highly recommended - we will meet at the chosen location and time. You'll arrive with hair and makeup prepped (as little or as much as you want), and we will go over outfits, your edges + boundaries, and any ideas you might want to explore. 

Before shooting, Ana Liz will guide you through a practice to connect with your body and inner experience. During the photoshoot, as Simone photographs, Ana will gently guide you through inner observation and authentic movement so that your raw experience shines through your body. While we encourage you to gently push up against the edges of your comfort zone, we understand that everyone is in a different place in their journey, and we listen and honor your needs. We encourage you to use your voice and experiment with your body. We are interested in capturing your raw and honest expression: sensuality, tenderness, pain, grief, playfulness, doubt, confidence - ALL of your multitudes are welcome, honored, and celebrated! 

We want you to have a great time and leave feeling connected and nourished. Because of the therapeutic nature of the process, you may experience intense emotions and memories arise. Ana Liz will be there to support and guide you, and you will have a final session together to help process anything that might surface in the process. 

To close the ritual, we'll give you time to do some journaling and invite you to draw an oracle card to guide you in your post-ritual path.  

Regarding location, we encourage you to choose a place that inspires you. Nature offers support and nourishment, so we recommend picking a place outdoors. If you prefer to be photographed in your home, we are happy to do that. A photo studio is also an option that can be discussed. We will go anywhere within 20 miles of Central LA. For longer distances, we'll charge an added fee for time/drive.

Step Four - Photo Reveal (up to 30 min)

You'll join Ana and Simone on Zoom to receive the photos. We do this together because we believe your experience and beauty deserve to be seen and celebrated! It's also a great opportunity to practice receiving and looking at yourself with tenderness and love. You'll choose your 10 favorite images, which will be sent to you via email (if we have any additional photos they will be available for purchase).

Step Five - Integrating & Moving Forward (up to 30 min)

We close the process with a final call between you and Ana. She will help you integrate your experience and explore ways to stay connected moving forward. Payment of the remaining 75% are placed at the end.

*The process from beginning to end usually takes place during the course of ten days.

Inquires for prices and booking:





No. Our self-reclamation rituals are for people of all genders, races, sizes, and orientations seeking to reconnect with their essence through their bodies and celebrate their wild beauty. 


You will not be asked to be nude unless YOU want. The ritual is a sacred space to listen to and honor your body, so we would never pressure anyone to go beyond their limits. Even if you decide to try some nude photos, we will start with you clothed and gradually move into undressing so that the movement is fluid and you feel extra safe and supported when the time comes to take your clothes off. 


Yes! The ritual is a beautiful opportunity to connect with another or others that you love. Couples can use the ritual to deepen intimacy and experience each other in their rawest states. Parents can use the ritual to celebrate the bond with their children and register a moment in time that they wish to remember. You can do this with a loved friend to celebrate a relationship that supports and nourishes you. Sharing with others is also a great way to lower financial costs. 


The session fee includes the ritual's day, which consists of an embodiment-guided photoshoot of one hour and forty five minutes. It also includes two 1-1 sessions with Ana (one prior and one after the day of the ritual) for guidance and support + 2 sessions with Ana and Simone (prep + photo reveal). The fee includes ten edited (for color) high-resolution images. Extra digital photos and prints are sold separately. 


We only edit for color and lighting: no skin retouching or body manipulation. The essence of this work is to celebrate the body and beauty in its raw, wild form. We understand that everyone is at a different place in their self-celebration journey, so if you have something that you are not ready to expose, such as a sizable temporary bruise, we are happy to discuss and open to editing lightly. 


We are in Los Angeles (Central LA and Santa Monica), CA. We'll travel within 20 miles of Central LA for no additional cost. If you want to outside this ratio, we are happy to meet you for an added travel fee. 


We want to make it possible for you to invest in yourself, so we absolutely do! Contact us directly to discuss. 


Yes and no. You will be doing minimal posing. Ana is a trauma-informed Embodiment Mentor and will be guiding you through inner observation and expressive movement throughout the photoshoot. You will naturally shape your body into poses as you move slowly and consciously. Sometimes Simone will give you some light direction, such as asking you to pause, open your eyes, shift direction, lift your chin, etc., to ensure she gets a fantastic shot. You won't need to get into forced poses or do anything that feels "wrong" for your body. 


Yes! We want you to feel comfortable and beautiful. The session allows time for up to 4 outfits, so we encourage you to prep 5-6 looks. Before the ritual, we will have a Creative Team Meeting via Zoom to discuss concepts and outfits and help you pick the perfect pieces. 


We will ask you to choose one to three images that you feel comfortable with us sharing. If you absolutely prefer to keep the pictures private, we will honor that. A standard model release is included in every contract, where you can approve sharing or leave it blank. You can opt not to have any images shared, opt for only specific photos, or opt for only images not showing your face, etc., to be shared. You can also opt to allow us to share all images. It's up to you, and we will keep it confidential if you request that. We will never tag you in any shared photos unless you let us know you'd like to be tagged. 

Image by Conor Sexton

Client Love:

"I am seeing myself in facial expressions, movements, and spaces where I am tipically super self-critical, but I don’t feel that way when I look at these photos. I feel love looking at myself. My partner tells me I look beautiful all the time, and no one looks beautiful all the time, but I feel like I am now seeing what that means as I see myself in these portraits.”


"The day after the ritual was very emotional. Seeing these photos helps me realize why. A lot came up. Looking at them does help me heal a part of me that does not want to be seen. I’m looking at this beautiful art that’s created and realizing, wow! It’s okay to be seen. It’s okay to be the subject and not just the observer. It’s liberating! When we were in nature, I definitely felt in my element. I was resisting being in front of the camera, but I am happy I pushed through. Seeing the photos, I realize I was more engaged than I thought. I am taking a lot from this ritual. In particular, actually seeing different sides of myself. I am having the clarity that it’s okay to be wherever I am at, with whatever I’m feeling. There’s no need to hide. I think the effects of this experience will continue to unravel.”