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Are you setting intentions or scattering them?

white rose in black background

Under the darkness of the new moon, I’m thinking about intentionality. How easily we slip into rushing forward without considering where we are really striving to arrive. Where will this mindless movement take us?

I notice that pauses are pregnant with intentionality. Pauses that bring us into a slower pace, allowing for feeling and awareness. Where am I? How do I connect with what’s within and around me?

While new moons traditionally symbolize the seeding of new intentions, scattering seeds mindlessly leaves their rooting and growth to chance.

For me, this new moon is symbolizing a commitment to slowing down and looking inwards with radical honesty.

A time to cradle the seeds in my hands and get to know them intimately before setting them down into the earth.

I vow to let the darkness of the universe reflect the void within my own body and self - the emptiness we so desperately seek to fill, only to realize that no matter how much we consume, no matter how much we produce, no matter how strongly we attach, the void remains.

The void is packed with stars.

I continue to hold my desire to create and offer what I’ve learned and continue to learn, so that others can be positively impacted too. But tonight, as I consider my intentions in working towards my goals, I ask myself: Who do I run for when I rush?

Tonight, my intention is to embrace moving slowly, to immerse myself in deep awareness of the subtle things.

To notice the rhythms of my breathing body, the pulse in my veins, the beating of my heart, and the incredible capacity of my mind to pay attention and notice.

I want to get lost in a dance of moving, pausing, and sharpening awareness - a spiral that determines whether I flow with my own rhythms or stray away from them. Whether my intentions scatter or take root. Much warmth,

Ana Liz


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