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Sensual Embodiment
& Somatic Expressive Dance

Drop into your body to break free from autopilot and ignite sensuality and confidence in yourself.
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A fully guided, somatic-based, freeform movement class to connect with your body, express emotions, and embrace natural rhythms.
Creative movement exercises and curated world music will awaken your senses and vitality, bringing you joy, harmony, and healing through movement.
Ana will guide you to cultivate a deep connection with your body from inside and out, access wisdom, release tension, and realign your energy for a truly embodied experience of self-care.
This is an inclusive practice that welcomes people with all levels of experience with movement/dance, to explore unique expressions in a supportive, judgment-free space, fostering creative connection with self and others.
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Mondays and Tuesdays

at Liberate Yourself Sherman Oaks
Mondays 11:45 am to 12:30 pm
Tuesdays: 7:45 to 8:30 pm
Exchange is $30 payable via Eventbrite or directly at the studio.
If you're in need of financial assistance please reach out to Ana Liz directly.
Please read over the FAQ section at the bottom of this page for guidelines and other information to help you prepare to dance.
"Loved the experience and Ana's approach to bring people closer to their authentic selves!"
Sensual Embodiment is a movement class and does not include other expressive arts modalities. If you're curious to experience our intermodal approach, join us for IN-BODY LAB, or book a private session.
"It helped me release a lot of pent up emotions and stay present not just in the session but for days after. I most appreciated how safe it felt for everyone to take what they needed and be as immersed in it as they wanted to be. It made me want to take up more space in my life."
- Nikki P.

"Just as the ancients danced to call upon the spirits in nature, we too can dance to find the spirits within ourselves that have been long buried and forgotten."

- Anna Halprin


I don't know how to dance. Is this for me?
Absolutely! Our principle is: if you can move, you can dance. I gently and expertly guide you to drop into your body to become aware of your full somatic experience (physical, emotional, mental, intuitive, and energetic) and awaken your imagination, so they can naturally guide your dance. You don't need any technique, and you will learn how to move in ways that your body is meant to move structurally, rather than trying to put it into artificial shapes, revealing a dance that is unique to you, and that expresses your inner experience authentically.

I'm a technically trained dancer. Am I going to get any value from this?

Definitely! You'll have the opportunity to dance from inside-out, dropping decorative movements to reconnect with your body's natural rhythms and shapes. This practice supports trained dancers to reconnect with their bodies and movement from a place of deep feeling, personal intention, authentic expression, and pleasure, helping you to bring more depth and passion to choreographies and performances.


What to wear?
Comfortable clothing that you feel free to move in. We go down to the floor, which is usually not spotless since we move in a covered outdoor space, so keep that in mind. In warm days, come feeling fresh, as it can get hot as we move. If it's chilly outside, dress in layers. We dance barefoot. Please refrain from wearing strong fragrances and heavy or pointy jewelry.

What should I bring?
A water bottle (water fountain is available). A notebook and pen in case you want to take note of anything that emerges through your dance. Most importantly, an open mind, a brave heart, and a body willing to play!
Are alcohol or drugs permitted? Should I eat before class?
This is a sober space. Please eat 1 to 2 hours before class. It is not recommended to move on an empty stomach or when you are full.
May I take photos or videos during the class?
To preserve everyone's privacy, you are not allowed to register the class. If I take any photos or videos I will ask for permission to use them. Please, put your phone on silent mode upon arrival to avoid any disruptions.

Is there any talking on the dance floor?
I ask that you refrain from talking during the class, unless you're asked to speak. We close all sessions with a brief sharing circle when you'll have the opportunity to speak of your experience if you'd like. If you prefer not to share, you can simply say your name and pass.
Will we dance with other people and if so, how do we negotiate the space?
You will be moving with other bodies. Number of attendees varies. Each session is different, and sometimes you'll be invited to interact with others, which is not an open invitation for physical closeness or contact. How close you get to each other us up to you and the others. In my guidance, I use trauma-informed language and always give you the space and encouragement to care for yourself and honor your level of comfort and boundaries. When you are moving together, feel into an appropriate distance between you and your partner and be aware of their physical cues. If they are moving away, take that as an unspoken communication that they need more space.
What if I feel like I can't follow the instructions?
I encourage you to always honor your body and give yourself what you need. If not following the instructions seems more supportive of your embodied experience at any time, stop following and give your body the space to move how it wants. If you need to slow down, slow down. If you need to stop, stop. If you need to lie down, find a safe space on the ground with enough distance from other movers and lie down. One of the main points of this practice is for you to gain greater somatic awareness and practice honoring what you notice and need.
What are the age requirements?
People of ages 18 and up are welcome.
Is this the same as ecstatic dance?
No. This is a fully guided somatic-based movement practice. 
Why is this practice good for me?
Movement is our first language. Our emotional and mental states are directly connected to our physical state, our posture, and the way we move. This practice helps you to free your body from learned limitations that constrict your psychological and emotional life as well. It supports you to experience yourself from the wisdom within, and to develop a more loving and celebratory relationship with your body, empowering you to bring authenticity and confidence into the world. Dance is also a beautiful way to connect with our ancestors, the energy of nature, and to increase our creative juices. Through embodied dance, we can unearth a profound sense of belonging within ourselves, each other, the environment, and our lives, which can be transformative and impact every aspect of our lives in the present and the future. 

How to care for myself after the class?
The practice can be truly enlivening and you might experience profound shifts energetically, emotionally, mentally, and/or physically. When we bring awareness to our soma, it's likely that emotions, memories, and narratives surface. Sometimes that can be overwhelming. You may feel the effects of the class for days to come, and I encourage you to intentionally integrate what emerges in the ways available to you. Immediately after class, before you get in your car, move slowly and make sure you feel present and grounded to drive.
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