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1:1 In-Depth Progression Process

We'll look into where you are and want to go and work to transform what is getting in the way.

  • 1 hour
  • Sliding Scale
  • Los Angeles

Service Description

What do you want to cultivate in your life and relationships with yourself and others? Where do you want to go from here? How would you like to feel moving forward? Through the In-Depth Progression Process, we look into where you are now and where you want to go and work together to understand and transform what is getting in the way. We’ll take time to explore the layers of conditioning and narratives that shape your mental landscape and work through your body and expression to bring about the change and growth you seek.  This is for you if: - You are ready to explore the root causes of the symptoms you are experiencing (such as anxiety, low self-esteem, impostor syndrome, over-reliance on substances, things, or people, etc) - You want to self-explore in a way that feels gentle, fluid, tangible, and generative  - You are not satisfied with where you are in your life and would like to understand why and how to move forward in a way that feels connected and inspired - You feel unsafe and/or disconnected from yourself and/or your body and would like to cultivate more trust, intimacy, and belonging - You feel insecure or uncomfortable in your body and would like to feel more empowered and vibrant  - You have been in talk therapy and have realized that talking will only take you so far, and you are feeling the need to bring the work to an experiential level where you can feel and solidify the changes in your body - You would like to unleash your creativity and harness the power of your imagination and artistic expression - You feel exhausted by the demands of your relationships, society, and culture and would like to live in greater alignment with your authentic Self - You have a project you’d like to bring to life but feel that something is holding you back 

Contact Details

  • Los Angeles, CA, USA

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