Somatic Mindfulness

For Individuals, Couples, and Groups of 2-10 people

Somatic Mindfulness focuses on the body as the ground of awareness development. It is a bottom-up approach that calls attention to the body and moves up, integrating physical, emotional, and mental experiences. It incorporates practices of conscious breathing, sensing, and moving, authentically feeling, and actively imagining and visualizing, as well as reassessing the ways we make meaning. 

You will understand how your history impacts your body and day-to-day life, creating opportunities for shifts and healing. 

This is a therapeutic practice. No prior experience is required.


Integrated Somatic Mindfulness, Conscious Movement, and Intuitive Arts

For Individuals, Couples, and Groups of 2-4 people

Somatic Mindfulness helps you understand how your body interacts with your life’s circumstances and the way you make meaning of reality. Conscious Movement and Intuitive Arts help you externalize your inner experience creatively so that you can be in dialogue with it. This allows you to process experiences and release energy that has been stored in your body’s tissues, facilitating healing and positive change. 

This process-focused practice incorporates conscious breathing, sensing, moving, authentically feeling, actively imagining and visualizing, and reassessing the ways you make meaning through your own body and creative expression via authentic movement writing, image, and sound-making.

This is a therapeutic practice. No prior experience is required.


Conscious Movement

For Individuals, Couples, and Groups of 2-4 people

Conscious Movement allows you to understand your body from the inside out. You will connect with your physical, emotional, and mental experiences by consciously sensing and expressing yourself in movement. This unlocks memories that have been stored in your body’s tissues, generating opportunities for processing, integrating, and healing. 

This practice respects each body’s uniqueness, honoring its current limitations and shining a light on its resources. 

You will learn to understand your past, consciously engage your present, and cultivate a life that aligns with your deepest values and the future you aspire.

This is a therapeutic practice. No prior experience is required.

Alyssa Jackson | Los Angeles, CA

Along my journey to become more aware and accepting of myself, Ana Liz's

meditations and workshops have time and time again been at the center of so

many of my personal discoveries. Even when I'm caught in an internal struggle,

staring down my fear of "doing it wrong," her words and her guidance have this

beautiful way of breaking through. Or, more like seeping in. Because it comes in

the most gentle ways. Nudging me toward my lessons and my truths like gentle rolling quakes rocking you awake as they make themselves known, alerting you of the shifts to come.