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1:1 and Group Embodiment Sessions + Somatic & Movement Based Expressive Arts Classes and Workshops

Our Offer:

A Pathway to Personal and Spiritual Development

A somatic-based methodology that works with the individual's physical, emotional, and mental aspects to recover the wholeness of body-mind-heart and spirit, supporting authenticity, connection, healing, positive change, and growth. 

Body-Centered + Expressive Therapeutic Practices

A transformative process that promotes holistic well-being through Embodiment and authentic artistic expression. We use Somatic Meditation amd Movement-Based Expressive Arts (Conscious Movement/Dance, Intuitive Visual Arts, Creative Writing), and other somatic and artistic practices as tools to Self-explore and foster self-understanding, self-trust, embodied expression, personal growth, and social change.

Person-Centered Care

A non-pathologizing approach that affords people dignity, compassion, and respect, welcoming you as you are and learning what matters to you so the process can organically meet your unique moment, possibilities, rhythms, and needs.

Trauma-Informed Care

A participative process that promotes a culture of safety, empowerment, healing, and liberation.

Our Core Principles:

- Respect for people's individualities.

Integration of the physical, emotional, and mental + psychological aspects as fundamental to mental health and personal and spiritual growth.

- Focus on integration of whole self rather than betterment of individual parts.



1:1 Embodiment Sessions

Your personalized pathway with full support and deep guidance. A candid and fluid process that supports healing and empowerment, and respects your unique body, circumstances, intentions, and goals.

In-person and remote.


Group Classes & Workshops

Sensual Embodiment (therapeutic dance) every Monday and Thursday.

Somatic Meditation every Monday.


Special Therapeutic Workshops.

Check out the Events page for upcoming offerings.

Image by Dmitriy K.

Private Group Embodiment and/or Art

Sessions designed exclusively for your group. Promotes individual and collective connection, helps develop trust, and deepens intimacy and cooperation between two or more people.

In-person and remote. 


Private Group Somatic Meditation

Practices to awaken and deepen awareness of the senses, including interoception and proprioception. Great for building community, nurturing a culture of safety, as well as increasing focus and reducing stress, amongst other benefits. 

In-person and remote.

Image by Eric Nopanen

Listen to your intuition.

My Body Is Home

A combination of somatic work and photography to offer you a pathway to embody your power. Nurture self-connection and freedom, and receive beautiful portraits that will bring you back home into yourself whenever you need.


~ Chanel Briana ~ Los Angeles


“I came to Ana Liz to see if her class might help my feelings of anxiety and panic. I have been a dancer for over 20 years and I have to say, her class was one of the best I have ever taken. Ana has a special way of creating an environment that cultivates so much safety and support. While gently guiding me through each moment, she held space for my most powerful self to open and expand. I highly recommend her class to everyone and anyone, we could all use a little more connection to ourselves and each other."

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