1:1 Guided Embodiment Sessions

I integrate various practices and tools rooted in long-held Expressive Arts and Meditation lineages, adapting them to meet our modern lives. Together, we nurture a sacred container in which to explore the profound wisdom within your body, that expresses through movement, image-making, writing, sounds, authentic performance, and ritual. All sessions unfold uniquely to meet the individual's needs + desires. This work is:

Image by Jakayla Toney

A co-creation between us

A non-hierarchical exploration shaped in response to your unique intentions, history and needs. We begin with an assessment consultation to get clarity on your needs and desires, so I can understand how to introduce you to the work in the most organic way.

Image by Emiliano Vittoriosi

Fluid & Dynamic

The nature of this work is non-linear. The body is the pillar of our practice, so we allow it to inform our steps. We create a structure without rigidity, and approach each session with openness - honoring where you at each moment while holding your main themes.

Image by Inge Poelman

Integrative & Supported

My work is person-centered. I do not ask you to adapt to a formula. We work to build safety and trust in your body so you grow empowered as your own guide and can apply what you learn to your life, creating the shifts and transformation you seek. 


"Along my journey to become more aware and accepting of myself, Ana Liz's guidance has time and time again been at the center of so many of my personal discoveries. Even when I'm caught in internal struggle, staring down my fear of 'doing it wrong', her words and guidance have this beautiful way of breaking through. Or, more like seeping in. Because it comes in the most gentle ways, nudging me toward my lessons and my truths like gentle rolling quakes rocking me awake as they make themselves known, alerting me of the shifts to come."

-Alyssa Jackson, Artist + Actor, Los Angeles, CA.