"Along my journey to become more aware and accepting of myself, Ana Liz's guidance has time and time again been at the center of so many of my personal discoveries. Even when I'm caught in internal struggle, staring down my fear of 'doing it wrong', her words and guidance have this beautiful way of breaking through. Or, more like seeping in. Because it comes in the most gentle ways, nudging me toward my lessons and my truths like gentle rolling quakes rocking me awake as they make themselves known, alerting me of the shifts to come."

-Alyssa Jackson, Artist + Actor, Los Angeles, CA.


1-1 & Group Embodiment Mentorship

Embodiment mentorship takes you through a journey of profound self-discovery. 

We'll work together to nurture a creative, sensual, and empowered relationship with your body, that will allow you to show up more authentically and confidently in every aspect of your life.

We use the Expressive Arts, Meditation & Mindfulness practices, and self-reflection to investigate and reshape your relationship with your body, creating space and opportunity to transition from expectations and a mindset of "not-enoughness" into embodied feeling, sensuality, and pleasure.

Is this work for you?

We all exist in a body. Our perception, cognition, emotion, relationships, and behavior are grounded in our bodies from the beginning of our lives.
When we pay attention only to external sources of information, we become disconnected from what is happening within ourselves. When the outer rhythms don't seem to match our inner movement, we tend to override our sensations and feelings, adjusting to what is expected of us - and reading our discomfort as a sign of something wrong about ourselves rather than as a clue for us to look more closely into the situation before us.
Years of this type of conditioning make us disconnected from the wisdom of our bodies. Intuition seems like some mystical thing that anyone with a thinking mind should dismiss. 

At some point, someone asks us how we feel, and we realize we don't know. We don't know what we want and how we got where we are. We don't understand why we feel stuck, anxious, depressed, or lonely. At some point, we realize that we haven't really been paying attention to our bodies. That we have grown accustomed to the physical pain, the lack of energy, and a life that seems to be happening in tones of grey rather than full color.

This work is for you if you have felt any of these ways. This work is for you if you know that there is more to life than what you can access now. This work is for you if you want to feel more creative, confident, empowered, and authentic. It's for you if you want to find your biggest muse and friend in yourself. And if you just want to feel more comfortable in your body, this work is also for you.

If you want to learn more about doing an Embodiment Mentorship with me, send me a message here. We will schedule a 20 minute call to chat and see if it's a good fit.