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You'll be in a relationship with your body forever. You might as well enjoy it.

Your body and creative expression reveal what words alone cannot communicate.


With deep guidance, you’ll embark on an intimate and profound process of self-exploration that not only will help you understand the complex layers that make you up,


but will also give you the space and tools to re-pattern your nervous system, reshape internalized limitations, and develop the resources you need to take ownership of your body, life story, and voice, once and for all.


A creative and potent process to aid in your healing, liberation, and growth. 


Movement-Based Expressive Arts is a multi-modal approach to psychology and creativity that promotes healing, personal development, and growth.

I have extensive training in the Tamalpa Life/Art Process® - a method developed by the legendary Anna Halprin and co-founding director and pioneer in the field Daria Halprin, that utilizes movement/dance, somatics, art making, poetic/creative dialogue/writing, sounding, improvisational performance, ritual, creative reenactments, and collaboration to aid in individuals processes of self-discovery and healing.

How it works

Our bodies store imprints - both negative and positive - from our lived experiences. We tend to organize our sense of self and alignment around old emotional scripts. When they go unexplored, we continue to organize ourselves around old wounds, patterns, traumas, beliefs, and postures that restrict our expression, limit our potential, and cause us immense pain.

Our bodies reveal how we are challenged by these unattended wounds - through the way we move, our voice, posture, and our authentic artistic expression. They reveal our personal myth (the life stories that we keep on living) and which emotional and psychological patterns are associated with them.

Each body part holds archetypal life themes. Through this process, we work with them from bottom-up (body informing thinking), to integrate shadow and re-pattern our movement in the world.

Your nervous system is encouraged to release and metabolize the trapped energy from trauma, and restore its innate capacity to self-regulate, heal, and expand life.

As a result, you can experience freedom and growth mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

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Image by Felix Mittermeier


Through your body and creative expression, you’ll uncover what words alone cannot reach. With deep guidance and support, you’ll embark on an intimate process of self-exploration to understand your multi-layers, re-pattern your nervous system, reshape internalized limitations, and develop resources to take ownership of your body, life story, and voice.
For your healing, liberation, and growth.

In-depth and drop-in sessions available.

“As someone who has struggled with negative body image and disconnection from my body my whole life, this work is the most important I can do. Ana Liz expertly balances gentleness with challenging me to go deeper, and her intuitive understanding of my needs and expression makes me feel seen and supported. I am so grateful for her guidance and wisdom as I walk the path back to wholeness.”

- Danielle Jena

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In  her  words

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