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Every Body Is Wise

I provide a nurturing container where you can establish mindful presence within your body and safely explore the depths of your inner and outer life.

Much like a "cocoon", our time together becomes a space for you to compassionately and creatively investigate your body, psyche, emotions, and spirit.

Within this cocoon, we work to dissolve old defenses, including the ingrained holding patterns that reflect and keep such defenses in place.

This process of reconnection paves the way for renewal within your Self, fostering integrative healing, transformation, and growth.

My approach is body-based, generative, and process-oriented. It is organized around narrative, embodied support, movement explorations, and somatic-artistic interventions.

During our sessions, we seamlessly transition between conversation and embodied explorations through somatics and creative expression, integrating elements like somatic mindfulness, somatic movement, expressive movement, expressive drawing, therapeutic creative writing, breath work, sounding, performance ritual, and creative collaboration. 

Somatic interventions involve tuning into your organic movements, breath, body metaphors, dreams, and the unconscious. The Expressive Arts allow you to capture ephemeral feelings, making your experience more tangible and, therefore, available for exploration. This supports you to build physical and emotional repertoire and to create new experiences of relaxation, safety, belonging, and trust in your body and self.


Through active participation in this embodied process, you'll gain insights into your inner and outer life, and tools to transform patterns of holding and generate more ease and connection within your body and life.


Movement-Based Expressive Arts is a multi-modal therapeutic and educational approach that promotes healing, creativity, and personal growth.

I am a registered Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator, and a trainee teacher of the Tamalpa Life/Art Process® - a method developed by the legendary Anna Halprin and co-founding director and pioneer in the field, Daria Halprin, where we lean on the body as doorway into our inner life, and weave together movement, drawing, writing, ritual performance, and creative collaborations to bring the abstract feelings and contents of the unconscious into tangible, symbolic, verbal, and documented representations of our subjectivities. The exploration of movement becomes a laboratory, enabling dialogue with the different parts of ourselves, while also expanding and harmonizing our physical medium: the body.

How it works

Our bodies store imprints - both negative and positive - from our lived experiences. We tend to organize our sense of self and alignment around old emotional scripts, where the negative imprints tend to hold more weight than the positive. When left unexplored, we continue to organize ourselves around old wounds, patterns, traumas, beliefs, and postures that cause us pain, restrict our expression, and harm our ability to relate with others, stunting our growth.

Our bodies reveal how we are challenged by these unattended wounds - through our movement, breath, voice, posture, and our authentic artistic expression. They reveal our personal myth (the life stories that we keep on living) and the emotional and psychological patterns associated with them.

Each body part holds archetypal life themes. Through this process, we work with them from bottom-up (body informing thinking), to integrate shadow and re-pattern our movement in the world.

Your nervous system is naturally encouraged to release and metabolize the trapped energy from trauma, and restore its innate capacity to self-regulate, heal, and expand life.

Image by Ira Vishnevskaya

One-to-one guidance

A deeply embodied, integrative process that helps restore links between body experience and the brain.

Together, we go on a process of re-membering your embodied wisdom: we put the pieces back together to understand the layers of your inner and outer life, and create opportunities for emotional processing, transformation, and growth.

Ongoing and Single sessions available.

Image by Alex Lvrs

“As someone who's struggled with negative body image and disconnection from my body my whole life, this work is the most important I can do. Ana Liz expertly balances gentleness with challenging me to go deeper, and her understanding of my needs and expression makes me feel seen and supported. I am so grateful for her guidance and wisdom as I walk this path back to wholeness."

- Danielle J.

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