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We all need support. Here, you can soften and understand the movement within.

I offer a nurturing container where you will establish mindful presence within your body and safely explore your depths and multitudes, honoring both your strengths and vulnerabilities.

Like a "cocoon", our time together is a space for compassionate, patient, and creative exploration and nourishing of your body, psyche, emotions, and spirit.

We work to dissolve old defenses, including the ingrained holding patterns that reflect and keep such defenses in place limiting you and causing you suffering.

This process of reconnection paves the way for renewal within your Self, fostering harmony within, deep healing, and growth - the opening of the chrysalis and expression of your wholeness.

Wounded Healer

Our bodies store imprints - both negative and positive - from our lived experiences. We tend to organize our sense of self and alignment around old emotional scripts, where the negative imprints tend to hold more weight than the positive.

Limiting Beliefs

When left unexplored, we continue to organize ourselves around the old wounds, traumas, beliefs, patterns, and postures that cause us pain, restrict our authentic expression, and hinder our ability to relate expansively with ourselves, others, and life. It stunts our growth.

Self-Doubt and Self-Criticism

Our bodies reveal how we are challenged today by these unattended wounds - through our movement, posture, breath, voice, and authentic creative expression. The body reflects what lives within the unconscious layers of ourselves.


Embodied Wisdom

The body keeps both the marks and the maps: They reveal our personal myth (the old life stories that we unconsciously keep on living) and the physical, emotional, and psychological patterns associated with them - while also allowing us to process emotions and experiences, integrate the multiple parts of ourselves, and transform pain and trauma into resources and healing.

Growth and Expansion

When we tend to the body in this way, our nervous system is naturally encouraged to release and metabolize the trapped energy from trauma, and to restore its innate capacity to self-regulate, heal, reintegrate, and expand life.

A generative and process-oriented approach to healing and personal growth, organized around narrative, embodied support, movement explorations, and somatic-artistic interventions.



We seamlessly transition between conversation and embodied explorations through somatic-based practices and creative expression, integrating elements like somatic meditation & mindfulness, somatic movement, expressive movement, expressive drawing, journaling, creative writing, breath work, sounding, performance ritual, and creative collaboration. 

Somatic interventions involve tuning into your organic movements, breath, body metaphors, dreams, and the unconscious.


The Expressive Arts help you align outward expression with inner experience, allowing for mental clarity, emotional processing, and resolution of inner conflicts.


Through the creative process, we translate feelings and unconscious information into tangible material, making them available for exploration and new understanding. You build physical and emotional repertoire, and create new experiences of relaxation, safety, belonging, and trust within your body and self that will bring real change to your life.

I am a registered Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator, and my offerings are grounded on the Tamalpa Life/Art Process®: A science-based approach to trauma healing, creativity, and personal growth that explores the wisdom of the body as expressed through somatic movement, dance, imagination, and creative expression.



A comprehensive approach to understanding the layers that make you up and learn tools to bring balance to your nervous system, reshape limitations, transform trauma, and develop the resources you need to bring peace and well-being into your body and life.

Ongoing and Single sessions available.


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