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Sessions are typically between 60 and 120 minutes.

For our first session, a minimum of 90 minutes is recommended.

(You will be asked to choose the length when requesting to book)

Sessions are offered In Person and Online on a sliding scale:

Please choose an amount harmonious with your current financial possibilities.

Note that prices are per hour. Longer sessions will be prorated based on the hourly rate you choose.



In Person -   $85-$150 / h

Online -       $80-$150 / h


In Person -   $75-$150 / h*

Online -       $70-$150 / h*

*With a commitment of 4 or more sessions (paid individually)

If you are booking for 2 or more people, change in prices may apply.

Other arrangements can be made for clients seeking to do ongoing consistent work together, and for those experiencing financial hardship. Please message Ana Liz directly if this applies to you.

In person sessions are offered at the client's space or public parks. Prices may change if you are located outside of a 10-mile ratio from Central LA. Private studio spaces can also be arranged upon request.

  • We'll look into where you are and want to go and work to transform wha...

    1 hr

    Sliding Scale
  • Tune in to what is alive for you and let your body reveal what wants t...

    1 hr

    Sliding Scale
  • Link up and learn how this work can be supportive of you.

    25 min

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