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Thu, May 23rd
6:15 to 8:45 pm | Santa Monica, CA

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Heart wisdom is the flow of deep awareness and intuitive knowing that arises from the synchronous alignment between the physical body, mind, and emotions.

In this workshop, You will be guided to connect with your intuition and enter symbolic conversations between your heart and other parts of your body, revealing messages from the deep wisdom within.


Through creative embodiment practices of somatic-expressive movement/dance, somatic meditation and visualization, expressive drawing, reflective writing, and empathetic collaboration.

Embodied Wisdom

We'll delve into the profound wisdom held within our bodies, listening with our hearts.


Each body part carries its own narrative, symbolically reflecting various themes in our lives.


Through movement and expression, we'll enter creative dialogues between our hearts and other body parts, listening deeply to the messages they communicate.


These insights will offer clarity on our challenges and empower us with newfound resources, enhancing our connection with ourselves and the world around us.

This offering is grounded on the Tamalpa Life/Art Process®: a pioneer science-based approach to embodied psychology, trauma healing, creativity, and social justice; connecting us to the wisdom of our bodies and the earth through Somatic Movement/Dance and Expressive Arts.

This offering is for folks who identify as women.
We welcome all bodies and levels of experience.

Facilitator's Note:

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Intuition is a practice of trusting our bodies’ subtle cues.

Especially in a world where we are exposed to immense pain and grief so often, disconnecting from our feelings and sensations - and from ourselves - is an understandable consequence.

Making space to practice deep sensory awareness and to move with all that is within us with tenderness helps us to find grounding, release, and clarity, and to realign ourselves with our heart’s wisdom, so that we can trust its innate capacity to guide us in a way that invites less overthinking and greater joy and pleasure into our daily lives.


- Somatic Meditation and visualization

- Somatic-Expressive movement/dance explorations

- Expressive drawing

- Prompted and reflective writing

- Empathetic creative collaboration

- Sharing circle


- Journal and pen

- Dress comfy in loose, layered clothing

- Water bottle

Facilitated by
Ana Liz Ceregatti, RSMT/E

Ana Liz is a Somatic Therapist and Educator and expressive arts therapy practitioner, specializing in supporting women’s processes of healing and personal growth through creative embodiment.

In a world driven by oppression, greed, and urgency, Ana’s intention is to offer spaces where we can slow down, listen deeply, and come into our innate wisdom and authentic rhythms to activate our capacity to heal and expand life.

Ana weaves together modalities like Somatic Movement/Dance, Expressive Arts, somatic meditation, ritual, authentic performance, and the power of shared collective experience to create unique, enriching, and accessible offerings.

Date: THU, May 23rd

Time: 6:15 to 8:45 pm

Location: IntoMeSea - 1812 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90404

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