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Come home to your power

It's time to stop trying to fix yourself and embody your true essence, expression, and power.

It's time to meet the depths of your being and become free to soar.

my purpose

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Ana Liz Ceregatti


Ana Liz Ceregatti

I imagine you are curious about me and whether my story resonates with you.

My journey of self-discovery and healing trauma, and a lifelong fascination with the body and how people behave, evolved into a professional path very organically.

I lost my biological parents as an infant, becoming impacted by trauma very early. I intuitively navigated a sense of unsafety by leaning on my imagination, body, and art for comfort. My teens and early 20s were marked by experimentation with various forms of artistic expression and spiritual exploration. In 2016, I left my home-country of Brazil and came to Los Angeles to find freedom from pain that I didn’t know how to name and relate with yet, but that was very much manifesting in my body and in my life.

Here, I delved into self-exploration as I sought to better understand who I was and what truly moved me.

In my late 20s, I entered a marriage that gradually reflected back difficult patterns and caused me a lot of pain. This encouraged me to look closer into my past, as I began to understand that my sense of self, relationships, and my work were being limited by maladaptive mechanisms stemming from trauma.


I began to study Buddhist philosophy, Yoga (especially Iyengar), Meditation and Mindfulness, psychology, and trauma. Eventually, I began working with a trauma psychotherapist whose approach was body-focused and art-based.


I uncovered open wounds, learned how to feel and process my pain, and things began to change. My interest in how people heal grew stronger.


In 2020, I became certified to teach Meditation and Mindfulness, began to hold regular meditation circles and women’s workshops through mindfulness, creative arts, and personal reflection, and began to shift from a job that gave me financial freedom but no purpose into working with what truly touched my soul.

The turning point for me was to learn how emotional experience is intrinsically connected to psychological narratives, physicality, and physiology. In understanding and experiencing the way my body communicates unconscious material to conscious awareness through movement, posture, gesture, language, and art, my relationship with myself and my life expanded. I felt more stable and resourced, and began to feel an embodied trust and confidence in myself, which gave me autonomy to carve the path aligned with my deepest desires.

In 2020, after leaving the marriage that was the catalyst for my awareness and education in trauma, I got very honest with myself and committed with what I really wanted. I trained in the same methodology that changed my life: The Tamalpa Life/Art Process®, a groundbreaking Movement-Based Expressive Arts Therapy and Education approach that, today, I’m honored to be a trainee teacher in.

I work primarily with women who are eager to cultivate true self-love, transform pain and trauma into valuable resources, and foster positive changes for a more fulfilling, creative, and conscious life.


Reconnecting with our bodies and inner world makes us more capable of fostering a nurturing and nuanced relationship not only with ourselves, but also interpersonally, politically, and ecologically - allowing us to embody the people we came into this world to be.

Ana Liz Ceregatti, Somatic Therapist and Educator, Expressive Arts Practitioner

"The entire repertoire of our life experiences can be accessed and activated from the body in movement. Every part and function of the body can also be understood as metaphors for the expression of our being."


-Daria Halprin, co-founder of the Tamalpa Institute

Sara Lovett

"Ana Liz has a beautiful immersive quality, both in her movement practice and in her art-making process. Such open vulnerability encourages both those who witness her, and those who work with her, not only to brave the shadow side of themselves, but to embrace the heights of joy, self-love, beauty, and acceptance."

-Sarah Lovett, PhD Candidate, RSMT

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