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Come home to your power

It's time to stop trying to fix yourself and embody your true essence, expression, and power.

It's time to meet the depths of your being and become free to soar.

my purpose

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Ana Liz Ceregatti

Ana Liz Ceregatti, Somatic Therapist and Educator, Expressive Arts Educator, Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher

my purpose

I’m dedicated to cultivating a culture where we all have access to healing, creativity, pleasure, relaxation, belonging, and embodied wisdom.


Working with women is a deep passion that grew as I understood how our sociocultural contexts shape our identities, desires, and limitations. I began to look at women with more curiosity, suspending the judgments ingrained from a young age. This paradigm shift brought me a sense of belonging, allowing me to look within myself with more compassion, acceptance, and autonomy, and to feel permission to live in ways that bring me alignment and peace.


This honesty with myself helped me deepen my relationships with the women in my life, and the deeper these relationships grew, the clearer I saw myself. With time, I understood the immense healing power of the connections we build with our own subjectivities and with other women, and facilitating them became a driving force in my life.


Today, I take great pleasure in sharing my work with women and supporting them to discover authentic ways of living, embracing their layers, and cultivating trust in their bodies, voices, and abilities, and in one another.

I offer mindful trauma-informed care and teach somatic, artistic, and holistic practices that:

- establish a centered and mindful presence within the body
- support critical thinking and creative problem-solving
- enhance sensuality and pleasurable sensations
- reconnect you to the wisdom held within your body
- repattern the nervous system
- transform trauma
- foster autonomy
- empower innate potentials
- generate resources
- deliver you back into your natural rhythms
- facilitate integration of psycho-emotional-somatic-spiritual aspects

I'm here to compassionately understand and support you. You will sense my resourcefulness and knowledge when you seek clarity, feel stuck, or desire a deeper exploration, as well as my ability to acknowledge my limitations. 

It is a joy to be your guide, witness, teacher, and collaborator as you further connect with your own wisdom and authenticity and find your way back to your whole Self.

Ana Liz Ceregatti, Somatic Therapist and Educator, Expressive Arts Educator, Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher

I am a registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist, Expressive Arts Educator, Meditation and Mindfulness teacher, and a training teacher of the Tamalpa Life/Art Process®, a methodology developed by the legendary Anna Halprin, and co-founding director and pioneer in the field, Daria Halprin (whom I have worked with as a teaching assistant - Esalen Institute / Oct 2023).

We lean on the body as the doorway into our multi-layered self through movement, and seamlessly weave together drawing, writing, and creative collaboration, to bring the abstract feelings and contents of our unconscious into tangible, symbolic, verbal, and documented representations of ourselves, our challenges, and resources.

The exploration of movement becomes a laboratory, enabling dialogue with the different parts of ourselves, while also polishing and harmonizing our physical medium: the body. 

Sara Lovett

"Ana Liz has a beautiful immersive quality, both in her movement practice and in her art making process. Such open vulnerability encourages both those who witness her, and those who work with her, not only to brave the shadow side of themselves, but to embrace the heights of joy, beauty, self-love, and acceptance."

- Sara Lovett, PhD Candidate, Author, and Somatic Educator

education, training, and personal practice

Registered Somatic Movement Therapist & Educator (ISMETA)
- Movement-based Expressive Arts therapy and education Training and Certification Levels 1 & 2, 2022, 2023 - Tamalpa Institute
- Breathwork certification training (currently) - My Vinyasa Practice
Meditation & Mindfulness teacher Training and Certification, 2020 - School of Positive Transformation
- Certificate, Feminism and Psychoanalysis, 2022 - Manuela Xavier, PhD
- Buddhist Psychology, 2019 - InsightLA
- Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression, 2019 - InsightLA
- Calm Abiding, 2019 - InsightLA
- Awakening Breath, 2019 - InsightLA
- Wisdom and Insight, 2019 - InsightLA
- Awakening Breath, 2019 - InsightLA
- The Craving Mind, 2019 - InsightLA
- Cultivating Positive Emotions, 2019 - UCLA Maps II
- Reiki 1 initiation, 2017
- 10-day Vipassana Meditation retreat, as taught by S.N. Goenka, 2017
- Experimental Theater training, 2013 to 2016 - Grupo de Teatro Olho Negro

- BFA Fashion Design, 2008 - FASM

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