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Reclaiming Body Image: From Criticism to Celebration
an embodiment workshop

Wed, April 24th . In-person in Santa Monica, CA

A therapeutic group session to see and experience your body in a new light.

Join us to inhabit your body, shift conditioned perspectives on body image, and celebrate yourself.

Through playful and exploratory Somatic-Expressive practices, you will experience the deep impact of learned perceptions of appearance on your sense of self and well-being, while relating with your body with deep sensory awareness and compassion to create new experiences of connection, pleasure, and support.

Shed self-criticism and self-doubt, and nurture an attitude of self-acceptance, deep connection, and unconditional love, cultivating an intimate relationship with the parts of your body that you’ve learned to reject, resent, or even hate.

This group session is a gentle yet bold step towards healing your relationship with your body, image, and Self.

It will support you to cultivate greater awareness of positive feelings that are already available within you, but may be clouded by conditioning, challenging circumstances (such as illness, debilitations, pregnancy, postpartum, aging, and others) and expectations.

I hope to see you there!


Wednesday, April 24th 2024

at IntoMeSea in Santa Monica

6:30 to 8:30 pm PST



- An open heart, curious mind, and willing body.

- A notebook and pen, and a water bottle.

*Paper and cray pass for drawing will be provided.

No experience with somatic practices and expressive arts needed.

We welcome all women and queer folks.

*Please allow enough time to park and enter the space with ease. Parking can be tricky in that area, so keep that in mind. We start at 6:30, if you can arrive 15 min prior, we appreciate it.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out: / IG @analizceregatti

If you'd like to participate but are facing financial hardship, reach out and let's chat.

Your body is wise.
Your body belongs.

Ana Liz Ceregatti
Ans Liz Ceregatti

Facilitated by Ana Liz Ceregatti, RSMT/E

Ana Liz is a registered Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator and Expressive Arts Practitioner, specializing in facilitating healing from trauma through embodiment and creative expression.


Passionate about empowering a refreshed feminine notion in a culture driven by oppressive gender norms, greed, and urgency, she offers a body-based, creative process-oriented, and generative approach to healing and personal growth that allows clients to explore inner and outer life from rigidity to conscious movement, through embodied creativity.


Both in her private practice and group sessions, she encourages clients to expand their understanding, exchange ideas, and learn how to take embodied action toward a fuller and more meaningful life - personally, interpersonally, politically, and ecologically. 


Ana has extensive training in the Tamalpa Life/Art Process®, having worked closely with co-founding director Daria Halprin at Esalen Institute. She is currently developing community-based work with women who, like herself, have faced breast cancer, as part of her final supervised work towards certification in the method. 

Image by Mathias Reding

“Movement, to be experienced, has to be “found” in the body, not put on like a dress or a coat. There is that in us which has moved from the very beginning. It is that which can liberate us.”

-Mary Whitehouse

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