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Australia | Ongoing Private Sessions


"Working with Ana has been transformative. Initially, I sought to deepen my intuitive wisdom through this process. Since our first session, I've noticed a profound shift, becoming more attuned to somatic signals in my body.


Each session leaves a lasting impact, empowering me with practical somatic tools for self-reflection and healing. Ana's approach of integrating movement with dialogue allows for free expression without premature interpretation, leading to organic insights.


I've learned to trust the wisdom of my body, finding clarity and calmness amidst life's challenges. Ana's nurturing presence creates a safe environment, even in online sessions. This work provides practical solutions, simplifying action patterns and empowering me to navigate life guided by intuition and internal wisdom."


Los Angeles | Ongoing Private Sessions


“I felt isolated before starting this work, and a lot of fear. Through this process, I've been able to rebuild self-trust, respect, and love. It's been the best gift I could give myself, and put me on a path of healing and conscious change. I feel reconnected to parts of me I had abandoned, and empowered.

Ana's approach is so effective. She knows when to push me a little deeper and when to pause and reshape things. I feel safe and taken care of.

Reconnecting to my body and creativity has been liberating, and each session is full of gifts, allowing healing to happen from within as I build trust in my body and in myself. This is the most impactful investment I've made in myself."


Los Angeles | Ongoing Private Sessions


As someone who's struggled with negative body image and disconnection from my body my whole life, this work is the most important I can do. Ana Liz expertly balances gentleness with challenging me to go deeper, and her understanding of my needs and expression makes me feel seen and supported. I am so grateful for her guidance and wisdom as I walk this path back to wholeness."


Mexico | Single Private Session


Our work together helped me to get into my body and, through this, gain clarity about the internal conflict I was experiencing. I really enjoy the use of different forms of expression and how they complement each other. Ana's presence make me feel safe, and her way of being make me feel seen and help me to dive deeper."


Los Angeles | Ongoing Private Session


Before starting our work, I felt like I was in a current state of trauma, overwhelmed by everything. I am now aware of my body and triggers, and feeling more calm and in control. I feel more self-aware, and that is a big shift. I now pause before I do something that won’t benefit me, and that gives me choice. 


I have been 100% sober since the beginning of our work, for the first time in my life. It’s surprising to me that I can be sober and not feel completely miserable.


Our sessions provide me an outlet, a release. I am able to re-energize so that I can overcome obstacles and not go back to bad habits. I also love that I now write in my journal daily. 


I appreciate how Ana can sense where I am and how I feel, and give me options for how we can work each time. She knows what I need, and sometimes will push me out of my comfort, which helps me."


Los Angeles | Single Private Session


“Ana brilliantly balances gentle guidance, affirming insights, and encouraging pushes. She normalizes the clumsy start of getting into your body and the ups and downs along the way as we reintegrate emotional, physical, and spiritual body. It's work that is best experienced versus described and I think everyone should explore it, especially with such an open-hearted and knowledgable guide."


Los Angeles | Single Private Session


I felt both challenged and supported, guided towards new insights and yet given so much space to explore what was there for me. Harnessing creativity, we worked together to explore my subconscious thoughts and beliefs, and it was through revealing these unknowns that I feel more equipped to handle certain challenges in my life. I cannot recommend Ana and her approach enough."


Los Angeles | Ongoing Private Sessions


“Ana is so gentle and supportive. The space she offers me to be myself and work through my fears with zero pressure means so much to me. It's amazing how we come from different cultures and ages and are able to connect in a very meaningful way. This work is exceeding all my expectations, helping me reshape patterns I'd been repeating without knowing, and bringing me peace. I love myself more and am less judgmental. The breakthroughs I've experienced were enlightening and brought hope and light to my life and coming years."


Florida | Ongoing Private Sessions

“Ana has a powerful presence that is so inviting, nurturing, motivating, and inspiring. Working with her has brought much healing and joy into my life. I've been more loving, kind, and respectful of my body. I've realized how important it is to slow down, play, and practice acceptance and trust. I feel much more grounded and centered when I do this work, and that I can be a better friend, wife, daughter, employee, and just so much more present with the people in my life."


Los Angeles | Single Private Session

“After our session, I felt my mind and body getting closer to merging. I gained awareness of different parts of my body, my posture, and learned to adjust it in a way that made me feel more relaxed and present. I was able to focus, and I realized how hard I can be on myself - and, that I love to make art! The session was reaffirming of my value (I'm more talented and intuitive than I thought). Working with Ana is fun and supportive; if you surrender to the process you can get a lot out of it. I left with a deep sense that the world is big, I am small, but I have a natural place in it."


Los Angeles | Workshop Participant


“It wildly exceeded my expectations. This work is a salvation! It helped me to safely revisit issues I tend to avoid and explore my self-image in a way that was important. Being in a judgment-free space while touching on such deep aspects of ourselves was beautiful, and to explore myself with freedom and no fear of the ugly was wonderful. I left feeling that freedom is about how I feel in my body and with myself."


Los Angeles | Class Series Participant


“I loved collaborating with other women and making art. I'm most in tune with my mental body and these elements brought me in touch with my physical and emotional bodies too. I feel a lot more confident and secure in my body, and getting in touch with myself doesn't feel overwhelming like it did before."


Los Angeles | Class Series Participant

This series helped me to reconnect with myself and guide me through my current process of empowerment. I wanted to give my body the space to be but never knew how. I loved moving and making art! By the last class, my movements were more natural and I felt I was allowing myself. I also LOVED the creative collaboration with other women, it always helped me with insights I didn't realize alone. I'm ready to be more present in myself and for myself, and trusting my body and creative expression more."


Los Angeles | Workshop Participant

“The workshop exceeded my expectations! It was empowering and transformational. I loved being with other women in exploring our darkness and light. It was fun to move, release, draw, write, and just be my full expression without any judgment. I'm recommending this to everyone!"


Los Angeles, Workshop Participant


“I've felt so powerful since the workshop, even amidst some challenges. It helped me to come back to myself, realizing how I simultaneously feel like I'm too much and not enough. Ana creates a very safe space. I'm usually shy feeling vulnerable around strangers, but there, I felt at ease! I was positively impacted by the work; I've noticed that I've been more conscious and feeling more aligned with my vision. This is such a valuable and beautiful practice, and I absolutely recommend it to all women, especially those struggling to find their voice and feel trapped by patriarchal conditioning."


Los Angeles | Workshop Participant

The workshop was so well structured and fun! It helped me to get clarity on certain aspects of my life. Ana Liz creates this safe space without any judgments. I loved letting my body guide me and feel the emotions moving through me. I really want to continue practicing, as it made me feel good and helped me in my relationship with my body. It was a perfect way to reconnect with myself, and Ana's vibes made the experience even better."


Los Angeles | Workshop Participant


“You need to experience this work. I'm jolted into my body in a gentle and safe way. I feel my emotions as my mind quiets and my true self steps forward. Present with my body, I feel deep sadness for the years I spent away from it, and also deep trust and acceptance. The most unexpected outcome from these sessions has been the absolute joy I feel. It's as if my soul and body are dancing together and recognizing why they chose each other for this life."


Los Angeles | Workshop Participant


It was liberating and helped me find answers within myself about how to approach situations in my life. It was fun, and I felt a sense of community hard to achieve in just one session. I've been holding Ana's invitation to take up space, and listening more to what my body needs."


Los Angeles | Workshop Participant


It helped me release a lot of pent up emotions and stay present not just in the session, but for days after. I most appreciated how safe it felt for everyone to take what they needed and be as immersed in it as they wanted to be. It made me want to take up more space in my daily life."


Los Angeles | Workshop Attendee


“I came to some deep realizations after the session. Being with women and moving together was so powerful. I appreciated listening to everyone's experiences at the end, and how I was able to let go of self-consciousness and be present with my body, mind, and feelings."


Los Angeles | Workshop Attendee


“I came to Ana to see if her class might help me with anxiety and panic. I've been a dancer for 20+ years and her class was one of the best ever. She has a special way of creating a space that cultivates so much safety and support. While gently guiding me through each moment, she held space for my most powerful self to open and expand."

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