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Integrative Embodiment

Unlock Insight Through Your Body




1:1 & Group Journeys


Somatics~Movement~Expressive Arts~Meditation

Healing is a process of evolving, and most of all, returning to yourself - and there is no return to self without returning to your body. Your body carries your history, the history of your ancestors, your relational wounds and traumas, limiting patterns, and your deepest desires. It holds your capacity to heal and transform, being both the map and doorway into the depths of your self.

Embodied Creatures approaches the body as the ground of personal and spiritual growth. Via experiential and explorative somatic, movement, art, and contemplative-based practices, we guide you to discover, explore, express, and embody your potentials in an unfolding process of integrating your multiple parts, subtleties, shadows, and energies into an empowered whole. 

Our integrative and creative approach helps you understand, explore, and transform the limitations in how you relate to yourself and others, so you can realize your potentials, sustain connection to your inner wisdom, and step into the best version of yourself - the one that is whole, worthy, and capable of holding the tensions of your experiences with ease, creativity, and joy. 


Ana Liz Ceregatti

Embodiment Guide ~ Somatic Practitioner & Educator ~ Meditation Teacher ~ Multidisciplinary Artist

Brazilian-born and Los Angeles-based, Ana Liz guides clients to inhabit their bodies and become intimate with their physical, emotional and mental+psychological universes, supporting healing and growth.


Through Embodied Creatures, Ana offers her embodied wisdom in an authentic, experiential, and exploratory way. Rooting the process of healing and evolving in the body, she offers integrative practices that support you beyond the cushion and therapy room.


Ana’s deep guidance invites you back home to your body, where you can connect with your true self, reclaim wholeness, find freedom, and become empowered to realize your potentials.

What we offer:

Somatic healing through Somatic Meditation & Mindfulness and Movement-Based Expressive Arts.


We offer theses services through 1:1 sessions, couples sessions, private group sessions, group workshops, weekly classes, and retreats. 

*Somatic work is the ground of Embodied Creatures' approach. In Latin and Greek, SOMA means body, and Somatic refers to all that relates, arises, and lives in the body. Somatic practices take an experiential approach to working with the body-mind connection towards integration and healing. It doesn't rely solely on verbal language, allowing you to explore what is living outside of conscious awareness and informing every aspect of your life.

Image by Dainis Graveris

~ Alyssa Jackson ~  Los Angeles


“Along my journey to become more aware and accepting of myself, Embodied Creatures' work has time and time again been at the center of so many of my personal discoveries. Even when I'm caught in internal struggle, staring down my fear of 'doing it wrong', Ana Liz's words and guidance have this beautiful way of breaking through. Or, more like seeping in. Because it comes in the most gentle ways, nudging me toward my lessons and my truths like gentle rolling quakes rocking me awake as they make themselves known, alerting me of the shifts to come."

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