Embodiment Therapy

Bridging Inner and Outer Worlds Through Embodied Movement, Creative Expression and Somatic Breath & Meditation

Welcome to Embodied Creatures.


Integrative Embodiment offers you body-centered practices to nurture self-love and personal growth, so you can heal and thrive in the Present Mo(ve)ment.

Our bodies make visible our subtle processes through movement, posture, sounds, and facial expressions. Our physicality expresses what we carry within: our history, traumas, personality, emotional and mental patterns, and our culture.


When we consciously inhabit our bodies we gain access to their boundless wisdom, unlocking our potential for healing and growth. Embodiment practice will help you gain clarity, work through and release heavy emotions, nurture creativity and imagination, experience the sacredness of your Self, feel more pleasure, achieve deep healing and transform what is preventing you from fulfilling your purpose and desires.


Integrative Embodiment is a therapeutic approach for working with your psychological and emotional processes in a creative, guided, and supported way ~ through your body ~ that will help you develop resources within yourself to live with authenticity, self-love, beauty, and fulfillment.


Ana Liz Ceregatti

Brazilian, based in Los Angeles since 2016. I am a Somatic Therapist & Educator via Somatic Meditation & Mindfulness (IMMA / CPD) and Creative Arts, and a Multidisciplinary Artist, currently training in Movement-based Expressive Arts Therapy through the Tamalpa Institute.

With a person-centered, trauma-informed approach, I guide and support you to inhabit your body and access the depths of your psychological and emotional processes, promoting healing, authentic Self-love, and positive change.


“I’ve enjoyed working with Ana Liz very much, and grateful for her insight. Her guidance has helped me reconnect and reflect on my mind, body, and spirit. Often, I’m brought back into a place where I’m reminded to practice self-acceptance and gratitude. I personally struggle with setting boundaries for myself and others. Our sessions have encouraged me to come back to the moment, be honest with how I truly feel and what I want, and be ME - whatever that means at that very moment, with no shame.”


-Diana Sithiyopasakul