What does your body mean to you?

How can we love ourselves when so much around us says we are not enough?

Women are socialized to be obedient, subservient, and objectified. We unconsciously learn to be dependent and rely on outside validation to feel worthy. Wether or not we subscribe to beauty standards, we are all affected by them. No matter how bright and successful we are, feelings of insufficiency still cripple us. No matter how much we accomplish, there's always something else we must do - or someone we must be with, or a baby we must have - before we can consider ourselves enough. We spend so much time, energy, and money trying to fit into whatever idea of success we've learned, that we rarely stop to question: Who am I doing this all for? And why? What is it that I really want?


Self-love and self-esteem are much more complex than we see outside. Feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness cripple even women who seem to have it all together. Why do we feel this way, and how can we change that?

Embodiment mentorship helps you nurture a creative, sensual, and empowered relationship with your body, that will allow you to build authentic self-esteem, that comes from knowing yourself and your worth, and taking creative action to fulfill your desires.

Through Expressive Arts, Meditation & Mindfulness practices, and self-reflection, we investigate and reshape our relationship with our bodies (physical, mental, and emotional), creating space and opportunity to transition from expectations and a mindset of "not-enoughness" into embodied feeling, wholeness, sensuality, and pleasure.

Embodiment leads to profound self-knowledge and personal growth. It helps us uncover and transform the things about ourselves we are struggling with - what keeps us away from freedom and fulfillment. You can start now, exactly as you are. We honor your body and enter it consciously to integrate physical, emotional, and psychological processes so that you can broaden your understanding of yourself in a very tangible way, making positive change possible and organic.


Ana Liz (she/her) is a Latina woman from Brazil, based in Los Angeles since 2016. She is a Healing Artist, Somatic Practitioner, and Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher (IMMA / CPD).


With a trauma-informed approach, Ana mentors women and queer folks to enter and inhabit their bodies consciously to access the depths of their psychological and emotional processes, and, through the body and creative expression, heal and create positive change.


"Ana Liz has a beautiful immersive quality, both in her movement practice and in her art making process. Such open vulnerability encourages both those who witness her, and those who work with her, not only to brave the shadow side of themselves, but to embrace the heights of joy, beauty, self-love, and acceptance."

-Sara Liz Lovett, Author + Somatic Oriented Educator


"Ana Liz's ability to hold space for others is incredible. You can tell she really cares about you and her craft is truly authentic. She makes me feel safe, comfortable and listened to. Even when I arrive feeling overwhelmed, I leave our sessions feeling calm and rejuvenated. Our work together has the ability to awaken other parts of me."


“I’ve enjoyed working with Ana Liz very much, and grateful for her insight. Her guidance has helped me reconnect and reflect on my mind, body, and spirit. Often, I’m brought back into a place where I’m reminded to practice self-acceptance and gratitude. I personally struggle with setting boundaries for myself and in dealing with others. Our sessions have encouraged me to just be. Be in the moment, be honest with how I truly feel and what I want, and just be ME - whatever that means at that very moment, with no shame.”