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Private Sessions

A comprehensive process to understand the layers that make you up and learn tools to bring balance to your nervous system, reshape limitations, transform trauma, and develop the resources you need to bring peace and well-being into your body and life. 
women practicing sensual embodiment

Women's Workshops

Your body is your territory of wisdom and reconnection. Explore new ways to be in relationship with your body, emotions, thoughts, imagination, life stories, and other women, that will bring you insights and support you to grow connected and empowered.

Coming Up

Body Alive

Thursday, 2/29 . 6:15 to 8:45 PM

In person in Santa Monica, CA

In this class, you'll be guided to drop into and explore the profound wisdom within your body, connecting with dialoguing with the latent feelings, sensations, movements, and images that are ready to surface and offer valuable insight.

Previous Experiences

somatic movement workshop

“I loved collaborating with other women and making art. I'm most in tune with my mental body and these aspects brought me in touch with my physical and emotional bodies too. I feel a lot more confident and secure in my body, and getting in touch with myself doesn't feel overwhelming like it did before."

- Giovanna R. / Class-Series Attendee (Integrated Self)

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