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Return to your Self

Your body is your vehicle for feeling free and whole.

Unlock your body's transformative potential with our embodied therapeutics approach. Drawing primarily from Movement-Based Expressive Arts and Somatic Meditation & Mindfulness, we help you release stagnant energy and limitations, and cultivate a conscious, embodied relationship with your core self and others.

Choose a transformative journey of self-discovery and healing with specialized guidance and support.

We offer tools rooted in embodied therapeutics to help you attend to your deepest needs, cultivate resilience, and break free from the psychological and emotional patterns that hold you back.

Let us empower you to embrace your body as your greatest friend, healer, and guide, uncovering the resources within you to live a life of beauty, purpose, and inner peace.

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Private Embodiment Sessions

Individuals // Partners, Couples, Relatives // Groups

What you will gain from private guidance:

"Deep and sharp listening and guidance from a knowledgeable, skilled, and compassionate practitioner. 


I utilize deep listening - with my ears, eyes, and inner wisdom - and tried and true techniques and tools to help clients identify, explore, express, understand, and transform what is needing attention in their lives. 


Through this process, clients gain clarity, feel more grounded, centered, relaxed, empowered and connected, and develop new insights and tools to address issues at the root of symptoms such as anxiety, depression, stuckness, and self-sabotaging behaviors, creating possibilities for real change to occur at various levels, including psychologically, emotionally, physically, and at the nervous system level.

Book a free consult call to connect and ask all your questions!"

- Ana Liz

In-Depth Sessions


Together, we will explore your current state, your past experiences, and your aspirations for the future, helping you envision and embody a more authentic and empowered way of being in the world.

We'll uncover and gently tend to conditioning and relational wounds that shape your perception and movement in the world. Through embodied practices, we'll work to bring about the changes and growth you seek.

Drop-In Session


A Drop-in session can go two ways:

1 - You bring a theme you wish to explore.

2 - I will guide you into tuning in to what is present for you and let your body reveal what needs to be seen and explored. 

We will uncover some of the blocks and growth edges you're experiencing and explore the messages and insights that emerge through your physical, emotional, and mental/ imaginal bodies.

Private sessions are tailored to your unique body, history, and needs, with a trauma-informed approach that centers on your body. We use a variety of techniques, including movement, dance, drawing, writing, and meditation, to create a safe and generative space for your exploration and growth.

Listen to your body

When we don't express who we are authentically, we feel small and cut ourselves off from feeling truly loved.

Our bodies develop physical patterns in response to stress and trauma, limiting our ability to express ourselves fully, and consequently, limiting the depth of our connection with ourselves and others.


By entering our bodies with deep awareness and expressing authentically, we can release pent-up energy and emotional baggage.


As we express our core self and are witnessed in a safe container, we become more empowered to bring this truthful way of being into our daily lives.


Movement-Based Expressive Arts

Our bodies speak a language that reveals our traumas, fears, and limiting patterns.


Through embodied movement and dance, we can express authentically and create new emotional and mental experiences that allow us to reshape our internalized fears and limiting beliefs.


Embodied movement unlocks insight from our body into consciousness, opening up new possibilities for processing, meaning-making, releasing, and transforming.

Expressive visual arts help us externalize inner experiences and access information stored in the unconscious, giving us generative ways to reorganize and transform our inner structures.


Creative writing allows us to express, reflect, and make meaning of our experiences in a non-judgmental and expansive way.


Somatic Meditation & Mindfulness

Embarking on a somatic awareness practice opens up new pathways of connection within ourselves and our environment. Through deepening our awareness of physical sensations, emotional experiences, intuition, and energy, we develop a more intimate understanding of the interconnectedness between our mind, body, and surroundings.

By listening to our bodies through the felt sense, we can recognize patterns of reactivity and learn to respond in ways that support our overall wellbeing. We experience how our physical, emotional, and mental states are intertwined, allowing us to build a greater capacity for balance and resilience.


We learn to better regulate our nervous system and align our physical body, preventing injury and promoting healing while also cultivating a more grounded and spacious sense of being. By increasing our ability to be present with discomfort, we can expand our capacity for growth and transformation.

*This is not a linear process. A variety of practices are woven together as needed to create the best conditions for your explorations. 


~ My work with Movement-Based Expressive Arts draws heavily from the Tamalpa Life/Art Process® - a groundbreaking integrative method originated in the 60s by Movement-Based Expressive Arts Therapy & Education pioneers Anna and Daria Haprin, that "explores the wisdom of the body as expressed through movement, dance, and imagination" (-D. Halprin), in which I am currently training to become a registered practitioner and Somatic Movement Therapist.


~ Danielle J. ~ Los Angeles

“As someone who has struggled with negative body image and disconnection from my body my whole life, this work is the most important I can do. Ana Liz expertly balances gentleness with challenging me to go deeper, and her intuitive understanding of my needs and expression makes me feel seen and supported. I am so grateful for her guidance and wisdom as I walk the path back to wholeness.”

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